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Friday, April 09, 2010

28 March 2010 journal page

Blog Love-

A Loving Eulogy to Our Friend, Renee.

Cousin George has a website! Yay!
Rambling Rose and her vintage finds and work in process.
Line Juhl Hansen and how very much I love her work (here too).
I love the looks of this magazine.
Little Paper Houses tutorial...follow the link
#531 The Big Night Nap of 1,000 Awesome Things.
Make stuff for 24 hours found via Life in the AZ Desert
Tea for Two by Kaili Ittensohn over at Huas Maus
I love Christine Mason Miller and her words of wisdom.

Just a little documentation (for future reference for me here), we received a notice on the door Wednesday afternoon from the building manager saying someone was coming into the apartment on Thursday to measure the unit. (Note: The notice wasn't 24 hours and that's illegal.) Note said that someone could come between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Wasted a whole day as no one showed or left a note saying what was going on. Wouldn't have been so bad, but Tristan's vacation is this week and it's been two days at home when we could be out doing something. I love being a renter!

Don't forget-TWO classes scheduled this weekend. If you're interested, please sign up asap! I won't be teaching either class locally for awhile as I have lots of new classes that I'm eager to debut. Urban Craft Center on Saturday, Art Bar on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Films Watched:
The Third Man
It's one of my favorite films. (I'll be humming the song for weeks...and now you will be, too!)


Sandy said...

Great page and and links.

What would they do if you're not home? Would they just come right in? Is there anyone you can report them to? Or would these people really care? Somehow I'm thinking they wouldn't.

So sorry you lost an entire day. Doesn't it always seem that people like this aren't worried about other's time only their own? They should stop and think about how this will affect other people's day. Rude.

Kelly Kilmer said...

The law says as long as they give us a 24 hour notice, except in cases of an emergency (and they can say ANYTHING is an emergency), they have access to our home 24 hours a day/7 days a week. They have to be able to get in here and if they can't, we are in non-compliance.

We don't have to be here for an inspection, but with anyone who doesn't live here being in our home (who isn't friend or family), I WANT to be here when they are here. No, they don't care. They'd just tell us we didn't have to be here.


melle said...

haha yes. I can't tell you how many times I've done the "may come between 9 and 5" thing in the past, be it landlords, cable guys, window repair people, inspectors, pest controllers, what have you.

If all of the suites in the building were the same, chances are they measured one and left the rest. No point in measuring many identical rooms. They also could have used construction blueprints if they were really desperate.

PaperPumpkin said...

This journal page "I need to let it go" has perfect timing, Kelly. I am hurting from a very nasty person...but I am angry. Angry that anyone could have enough power over me to make me hurt like this. It's Friday night and I should let it go...like a butterfly. I will journal it. I will try to let it go. peace to you. ~Kathy

Aundria B. said...

That's awful that you lost an entire day & to top it off, they never showed or called! Yes, being a renter is quite "special" at times. lol I run into the same thing here from time to time and I'm always afraid something's going to go wrong while I'm at work and it'll be the day I haven't straightened up & the place is a mess. So sorry you had to go through all of that.

On a brighter note, I just RSVP'd by voicemail for your Sunday class at the Santa Ana ArtBar. I had it in my head that it was Saturday & would've driven down from Pasadena on the wrong day - doh! I'm looking forward to meeting you & having fun with pens and all kinds of other toys :). Andrea B.

Paula Phillips said...

Wonderful pages! I too need to let go way more often.
I am also a renter and feel your pain, nothing worse!!
Much Love

Seth said...

Great set of links. Thanks Kelly!

martha brown said...

I LOVE this "let it go" page!
I sure don't miss landlord hell.

mayia said...

Hit the pavement and look for a place of your own! The real estate market is as good as its gonna get right now and then you can tell the landlord to sh*ve it

Kelly Kilmer said...


With what?? My looks?? You have to have MONEY to buy a house. No one is giving loans right now either. Trust me, if I could move, I would but I don't have the ability to right now. I am documenting things on my blog for MY record-for a public record of what is going on as a renter, things that some folks don't even know or realize happen.