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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

16 February 2010 journal page

I had to take Tristan out to West Hills yesterday for his 7th grade CA State Writing Test. On the way home, we stopped at the "M" store (I try my damndest NOT to go there. Support your Mom and Pops!). I was very good. I picked up the cutest damn artistamp stickers from K & Company. They only had one pack left so I guess I wasn't the only one who couldn't resist them.

Collage Love over at-

Red Letter Day's Report on Shopping in L.A.

On my wish list, collage artwork that I LOVE by Jen Renniger.


pinkglitterfae said...

I had this same thing in my basket when they were 40% off, but silly me put them back :-(
now you got me wanting them, lol!
gorgeous page!

T and J said...

I was in the "M' store too last night - why is it I never see stuff like this when I'm in the store?
So many times I'll ask someone - where di you get that? They tell me at Michaels.
Maybe the Michaels I go to is a lame store?
Or I don't have the eyeballs to find these fun things

Tania P said...

Oh Kelly, you have done it again. You are making me spend more money. First, I had to find the coccoina glue stick (which I had to have sent from the US to me in the UK, even though its made in Italy!!!!!!!!!!) Now, I had to have the K & Co stickers, you just bought. Of course, I couldnt justify the p&p without buying some more goodies!! I do love being inspired by you but you are costing me a fortune!!! (I love it though). Keep up the good work.

aimee said...

thank you kelly for the collage love! these are great pages, especially the one about 'people who keep me sane'. i don't know where i'd be without the ones who keep ME sane! xo, aimee

Sandy said...

This is such a sweet page. I love the different journaling you used. Thanks for the links.

taylor said...

Those are cute stickers. You made a good score.

Paula Phillips said...

I love how the image overlaps both pages. Beautiful work as usual.
As for M's, I hear ya. I try not to go, but where I live there aren't many other options. :o(
Much Love

Jennie Hinchcliff said...

Wowee! Thank you Miss K.; I'm glad you found something to like about my LA shopping trip! And silly me: I should have warned you that I was coming down, although our trip was so fast & furious that you & I may not ave had time to get together...

Next time! I truly love LA, and am trying to get back there on a regular basis. Will keep you posted (no pun intended...) :-)