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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday, Tristan!

Happy Birthday, Tristan! Here's to many many more happy years! We love you, kiddo!!!!

Tristan, Mom and I are on the way to Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. Dad's already there. Guess where the party is this weekend? We'll be hanging out and having one helluva great time in Scottsdale. Two of my five classes are full, but there's still room in Friday's Tape class, and both of Saturday's classes.


Sharon said...

OMG!! Girl, He is toting a mustache!! WOW!! Happy BD Tristan!! Have fun everyone in AZ!! Sharon

lynne h said...

aw, kelly, have a great time in scottsdale with your family (and teaching the classes, of course). tristan 13?!!! i can hardly believe it! happy birthday, tristan! xo

Sharyn said...

Happy Birthday T!!! You're a teenager now.

How does the time go so quickly? They grow up so fast.

SOOOOOO jealous...I want to be in AZ too!

BTW-Love the page!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Can't wait to see you and the birthday boy! Happy birthday, T! Is that the makings of a mustache in one of those pictures? These kids are just growing up too fast!

Sandy said...

Happy Birhtday Tristan!!!! I hope you all have a great time this weekend. Love the pictures.

Stampmaiden said...

The first thing I saw was the mustache!!! LOL!! I don't know what's more unbelievable, the mustache or that Tritan's 13!!! Happy birthday! sigh. You have a teen.

~jolene said...

Happy Birthday Tristan! Your parents are so fortunate to have a son like you! As you grow into adulthood stay true to yourself and continue to express your creativity in all the amazing and cool ways you do with your drawings and engineering (Legos!!) :)

*note to Kelly & David--your parenting is to be admired!

Pattie said...

Happy Birthday Tristan :)

Hope you all had a great day!