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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 3 journal page

The ever inspirational and fabulously wonderful Ricë Freeman-Zachery has an interview with yours truly here. I hope I don't sound too goobery.

Some inspirational Holiday Cheer here.

Living in a Christmas Story.
Wonder what Shep would have thought.

Artists Work Space yum yum Candy


Ontheroad said...

What a terrific interview with Rice.

Lori W said...

HA! I cleaned my desk while I listened to the Rice/Kelly podcast. You did really well, sounding professional, fun and clear! And I can't wait to get back down to the paper room!

Betsi said...

Oh, I'm loving this page! I stumbled across your blog in the last week or so and have been having a lovely time checking out your journal pages. (And am still toying with attending a workshop when you are in my area, MA, at the end of the month... probably better decide SOON!)

Can I ask, are the borders on this using decorative tape? The black and green swirly bits, and maybe the red lace and candy peeking from the other page? I've been interested in decorative tape for a couple years but never spruung for it... now I've seen both you and Teesha Moore are very into it and I'm getting pretty dang tempted to splurge! Or ask Santa... :)

Laura T. said...

I didn't think it was possible but your pages just keep getting more beautiful!! The ones in the last post and in this one are GORGEOUS!! Simply amazing..... thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Betsi-
I hope to meet you in MA!! Your blog is quite cool!!!!

The black is a long sticker, that could be used like tape. The Green swirls is a felt type long tape. A friend in AZ picked up both for me and sent them my way.

The red lace and things you will see tomorrow-lol. Those two things are not tape but lace and paper. ;)

I love tape and have been using it for the past few years. If you are interested in my workshops in MA, I bring LOTS of it. I usually have a whole bag full of just deco/artsy masking tape from Japan and elsewhere for people to use. ;)

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

Loved your interview and I am all inspired to get back to my journaling. I always stray and always adore doing it when I go back. Thank you for convincing me to just DO IT!!!
great interview..

pat said...

Kelly: Great interview with Rice⢉ I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you in person and hearing your enthusiasm in your art journaling and book making.
Your classes are a lot of fun.

taylor said...

Wonderful page. Can't wait to hear the interview.

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I looked that word up in the goobtionary and your photo was NOT with the definition. Silly!

Sandy said...

I love your page and the new journal is making me jealous.

Thanks for all the links, I've already found something I want on one of the Etsy sites.

I love the interview, you did great. Your voice is so cool. Rice did a great job on the interview.