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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

9 November journal page

I asked David last night, "Is it really almost Thanksgiving?" "Already? Are you sure?" It seems like 2009 just began.

What are you doing for holiday gifts this year? Making? Buying? Both? Neither? What? I'd love to hear your lists!!

Me? Buying Legos for Tristan. David wants me to make him something, so that's hush hush (he reads the blog). Pots and pans for my sister and maybe some baby stuff. Dad wants his Sirius radio subscription renewed. Mom says she wants nothing but then drops hints. Clothing gift cards, scrapbooking supplies and fun play stuff for the nieces and nephews. Not sure yet what we're getting David's Dad and his wife, Verna.

I'd like to make more gifts this year, but not sure if anyone would actually appreciate it. I've been asking my parents for the last couple of years for a book with everyone's addresses and birthdays written in it. It would be nice to have something like that as a reference because I have a tendency to forget things unless they're written down. What I really want though is it written in my both of my parents' handwriting. I'm a goofy sentimental sap who thinks there's something very special with handwritten notes which seem rarer and rarer these days. I keep asking for the damn book, but it hasn't happened yet.

People have asked what I want, but there's nothing really that I need. I love handmade. I love old things. I love paper. I love old pieces of paper. I love old diaries, journals and things that have been loved long ago. I love old books. I love old photographs. I love old bits of lace and scrap. I love stickers. I love old labels. I love stuff I can glue down and use in my journals and books. I love tape. I love pens. I have tons of tape. I have tons of pens. I don't need anymore. I have tons of paper, but am always looking for more paper that I can rip up and glue down. I guess what I want is more time. Can you give someone that gift? More time to work in my books. More time to explore. More time to cut and paste. More time to be me.

My fantasy Christmas wish list in no particular order-

1. Dad to be cancer free and 100% himself. Health. Happiness. Peace. Wellness to All.

2. My sister's baby "Bean" to be healthy, happy and well loved.

3. Someone to clean my apartment for me-all of the things that I keep putting off doing, someone else to do.

4. No inspections. No managers. No more people poking their head in my front door. For a year at least, please. No notices on the door. Nada. Take my rent check. Leave me alone.

5. Quiet. Peace and quiet. No construction on weekends. No construction all damn day-what are you building anyway? No banging and pounding at 6 p.m. at night. No blaring "Friends" over and over again and laughing insanely with your friends who sound high as a kite. No dogs barking incessantly at all hours.

6. To not have to walk on eggshells around some people.

7. A double of me to help me work on all of the projects I want to do.

8. My 19 year old cousin, whom I worry about, quits smoking.

9. A big box of old paper scraps, photos, trim, and ephemera that someone else would consider trash, to land on my door step. Fun mail instead of bills.

10. More time in the day to do everything.

What about you? What are you giving and hoping to receive?


michelle ward said...

Keeping your Dad in my prayers. Hoping the treatments do the trick.

Ah yes, time. We always want more of it. Here's to making the most of it, since it can't we giftwrapped.

Loving the big red rose :)

Terri Kahrs said...

I got a little misty when I read how you covet a handwritten book with from your parents. A few months ago, as I opened a cookbook, an envelope with a handwritten recipe floated to the table. It was written in my beloved Grandmother's handwriting. Ohhhh! It was wonderful - like having a hug sent from heaven. I hope that Santa (and the angels) hear and grant your wish! Hugs, Terri

T and J said...

Oh number 5. I wish I could box it up and give it to you with a pretty bow :)

That's a wonderful list.
I only buy my Mom stuff off her Amazon wish list and have it shipped directly to her. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Hubs & I do not exchange gifts.
We give the dog a bone and watch her rip around the room in happiness and that's good enough for us.

Renee said...

I super love your list Kelly.

I want your number one to happen too. Okay Dad, get on it and get cancer free.

Who wouldn't want something homemade, those are really the best, especially from someone of your calibre.

Love Renee xoxo

crimsoncat05 said...

I love your list!! we haven't even BEGUN to think about Christmas yet... I can't believe it's halfway thru November either.

Laurel said...

What a wonderful list! You never know, putting it all in writing may just make the universe amenable to your desires.....(although I think the one about a double of yourself may be a little difficult!)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Jennifer-I'm trying NOT to think that Christmas is almost here but every day, my Dad has been counting down on the phone...not to mention Tristan and "Christmas Christmas Christmas". lol

martha brown said...

Hey! I'm giving my mom a journal -- not so she can write her day to day life, but so she can write down all of her life stories. She has so many. I'm going to tell her not to even bother doing them in order. Just to write them down. For my daughter (my mom will do ANYTHING for my daughter. not so much for me :)
I'm giving everyone else clipboards that I've collaged. I've put primer on them all (20) but I think that I'm a bit ambitious, so I'm going to start doing them one at a time instead of an assembly line and risk finishing none. It's a great way to use up a lot of my paper (so I can buy more, right?)and I might even do some journaling on them! Everyone needs a clipboard, right?
xox Hope your dad is well, Kelly!

Joyce said...

Hi Kelly...I'm praying for your dad. I know what it's like because my mom is very sick with various ailments and we worry constantly.

As for my list, every year I ask for something for the body, mind and spirit.
For the body I usually ask for a scarf or socks. For the mind, books naturally, and for the spirit, music or scented candles. I also give gifts for the body, mind and spirit.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Love and Light to your father and yourself and all who love him and you. If I could send an elf to steal in the night to clean, puff there he is!
I want for Christmas and 2010 to be true to my Soul and not my mind and emotions!
In Love and Light,
Mary Elizabeth

Renee Troy said...

It always amazes me how much I actually get done in a day. I'm also sure that my schedule is not nearly as packed as yours is just knowing you have small children to care for. I give you big big kudos for wanting to hand make your Christmas gifts on top of everything else you do. And, I ditto wanting my clone to do all the projects I want to get done.
Happy wishes always...

sharon said...

oh, if i could give you #1! thoughts and hopes sent your way still.

mostly making gifts again this year, some upcycled gifts, some knitting. i like to send recipes along with a ball jar of whatever...a jar of dry rub along with the formula and a recipe or two for using it. this year i'll be sending a nephew a jar of my tamale seasoning with instructions on building tamales in a crocheted reusable grocery bag.

kris wants an ipod classic...and will get it!

me, i pretty much just want to be grateful for the turning of another year. although a complete set of addi-turbo 40" circular knitting needles would be much appreciated. =:~}