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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11 November journal page

I wanted to do a huge SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to Stefanie Renee. I won her blog contest the other day and received a copy of her delicious book and one of her yummy art block prints in the mail yesterday. I *LOVE* her photographs so it totally made my day. Thank you again Stefanie!

Run on over to Abbey Hendrickson's blog and check out her yummy artwork. More here.

The Art Bar in Santa Ana is having a HUGE clear out of inventory sale. Check it out here

Tristan wants this for Christmas. I have been watching the price go up and down like a yo-yo on Amazon. I am kicking myself for not jumping on it when it was $90. Interesting how the lego prices go up and down several-SEVERAL times a day on amazon.

Last, but not least, the classes for Art Unraveled are UP! More information here. I will be teaching three workshops Thursday-Saturday: Wisdom Book, Mementos, and Transcribed. Hope to see you there!


Brian K said...

hmmmm I think your in Lego denial it is the first stage of an obsession.... I seem to notice you talking about legos a LOT! Rare for a woman I know.... your a rare woman I would expect!

Brian K said...

There after all that teasing I signed up for your Dec prompt a day! Sort of an early birthday/christmas gift to me! Yipee... now I am off to 8 hour of drudgery.... I want to be art journaling!

BTW you should start a flicker group for your art journalers! That would be cool!

Thanks! I look for your posts EVERY day!

T and J said...

1,170 pieces to that Lego toy !
And Tristan prolly puts it together in like 8 minutes flat, right? *laughs*

stef said...

YOu are So welcome! xo

BT said...

That's a super prize you won. How odd that the lego price goes up and down!! xx

Randi said...

I promised to sign up for APAD back in March and never did it. Now I see you are discontinuing it so I thought I'd better jump on board while I could. Life and finances have stopped me but I decided it's time to let go of those ol' saws - what have I got to lose??? I'm looking forward to the experience!