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Friday, October 02, 2009

In Scottsdale

Yay!!! In Scottsdale! Day one of my classes at Frenzy Stamper!

Day two of October's A Prompt A Day!

FYI, David Weidman's exhibit in Glendale, CA THIS Sunday and meet the artist!

Helen Breger, I am smitten.

On our drive into AZ, Tristan asked if I knew any swear words in Spanish. I told him, no but I knew "merde" in French. Tristan thought I said, "MEN!" After thinking about how selective the hearing that both he and his Father have, I thought it might be a totally appropriate swear word at times. ;)


PCarriker said...

Love your work!
from a fellow Art Journaler:-)

T and J said...

Well.. if he was in public school - he'd get those Spanish swear words... LOL!
Now he'll have to look them up on the internet ;)

Anonymous said...

Love this page Kelly...
Isn't it 'Mierda' in Spanish? I think it has more gusto than the French 'merd'...it may be a 'better' one to use...lol
It's so cool..all your teachings/travelings...what an awesome way to live a life..

&rew said...

well, Kelly, the opposite gender name was being used as swear word, too! :0)