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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making a To Do List for Portland, OR

I'm gathering up a list of things to do and see in Portland, OR. Does anyone have any must see things? Also looking for fun places, bookstores, comic book stores, zine stores, paper stores, toy stores, etc...? We're going to be in Hillsboro (I'm teaching at Art On A Lark), but I'm hoping on Friday to trek into Portland for a bit. We will be driving up from L.A. so if there are places along the way that you'd suggest, I'd love to hear it!

On my list so far-
Reading Frenzy
Voodoo Donuts

I'd love to hear other ideas-thanks!


Aly B said...

Microcosm Publishing is an amazing and magical place full of zines. I wish I could get there some day! They're located at 833 SE Main St. #108 and they are open from 12 to 8 every day.

taylor said...

I want to go. Put me on the list.

T and J said...

I hope to retire there in 10 years.
Real estate is affordable (to us) up there
and there's things called trees and clean air!
I hope you have fun up there.

Ontheroad said...

You might want to check out


crimsoncat05 said...

awww, I was going to suggest Voodoo Donuts, but you already have it! (try the one with maple frosting and bacon and tell me how it is, okay??) sounds like you're going to have a fun time!!

Carmen said...

I LOVE Oragon and yes Powells took my eyes and heart away, it is an amazing place to be and shop.
The farmer's market was a fun place too!

martha brown said...

yummy yummy yum! I clicked on Voodoo donuts -- have you been there before??? I expect a FULL report when you return.....

jane eileen said...

Here is my best advice: Call ahead to see if everything is still open, and get a GPS. When I went in June, nearly every place we went to had moved, and that is one confusing town! We crossed the river so many times looking for something, it was crazy. Try to figure out how the town is laid out before you go. There are lots of one way streets and streets with the same name but one is NE and one is SE and so on,to make it even more confusing. You are going to need multiple hours in Powell's. It occupies an entire city block, so you can see it from all four sides from the street, but there is a parking garage that you can enter that is on the same city block as the store. There are at least two entrances also, so don't get lost inside the store. It is worth the trip even though I have made it seem a little dismal. There is also a store that sells recycled art supplies. I don't remember the name, but we didn't find it on our tight schedule, because it had moved. If I go back, I want to try again.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

If you get the time, eat at Bumblekiss, an excellent small restaurant in Portland which is in a very interesting part of town. It's an artwork itself.

JenEve said...

Hey - I stumbled on the button and ribbon emporium - worth checking out. Small family owned shop with lots of european ribbons, hand dyed ribbon, trims, lace, and of course lots of buttons.

Romilly said...

OMSI (http://www.omsi.org/). And if you and Tristan are hikey people, go visit Forest Park. Biggest urban forest. Period. (5100 acres within the city limits!) :)

peshe said...

getting around portland, willamette devides city east and west; burnside, north and south

most suggestions given are near a 'max' or 'streetcar' stop. try it, you'll like it

scrap = recycled art supplies

check out 'chap' in the pearl, make a piece of art, donate for fundraising.....you have a following

if you can get to portland on or before the 9/24, enjoy 'last thursday' an event created by the people for the people

DIY lounge is fun. cheap ($5) fridays

take a gander at dayna collins blog. she's a mistress /master of finding and knowing where treasures can be found

have a wonderful time in the rose city

namaste ~ peshe

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks to everyone who keeps responding!!! I really REALLY appreciate it! Keep 'em coming!

Laurel said...

Any of the Grand Central Bakeries - there are several. Get a "jammer" - it's like a jam tart crossed with a scone - divine! They also have GREAT sack lunches.

The Grotto if you have time.

Walk along NE Alberta St. - lots of artsy shops & restaurants, and stop by Collage - great little arts/crafts/classes store run by Maria Raleigh.

Monticello Antique Mall. GREAT (ie., so much better than LA) prices for little kitchy vintage thingies.

I intend to move there, too - in the next few years. I adore Portland.

tina said...

Voodoo Donuts is crazy busy but delicious. If you can go on a weekday afternoon it might be better. Late at night and early Sunday were crazy.

A delish lunch or dinner place is Pambiche.