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Friday, August 14, 2009

Last pages of my Devotional Journal...

I'm a wee bit behind on everything. If I haven't answered your email, I'm not ignoring you! I am playing catch up, though.

I'm all ready for my workshops at Ink About It in Westford, MA today and tomorrow. I am REALLY looking forward to it. Two days of four classes and seeing friends and making art is a VERY good thing, indeed.

Above are pages from my journal from the past few weeks. I've decided to call it "The Devotional". I've been attached to it and have really enjoyed working in it. I'll show you my new journal sometime within the next couple of days. If you want to see The Devotional journal in person and you live in the Phoenix area, it's at Frenzy Stamper. I will be teaching FIVE NEW classes there in October. October 2nd-4th. I'll have photos on the blog within the next few days. I. can. not. wait!

YES, I will be blogging daily from Boston.

Drove down to the Cape yesterday with my family. My sister didn't get out of work until 1 so our trip to Concord, MA was canceled. Dad ended up driving all of us (since Mom and Dad had the day off from work) down Rte 18 all the way to the Cape. We ate ice cream at Peaceful Meadows, where I haven't been since I was a kid. We stopped there when I was little after visiting my Uncle Joe in Middleboro, Ma. We stopped at Scrapbook Cupboard in East Bridgewater. Cute little store! We popped into a few country stores, but couldn't find any antique or thrift stores. I did load up on penny candy (how come it's called penny candy when it costs five pennies or EIGHTY FIVE PENNIES?) The road isn't what it used to be like-it used to be lined with them. We ended up eating dinner at Cooke's seafood in Hyannis, MA. It was very good and a lot of fun!

I hate the damn mosquitos here this time of year! ;)
Tristan always says it's because we have sweet, sweet blood. My funny weird (but cute kiddo).


Shelley Malone said...

Have you shown us this book before?! Because for some reason today it really caught my imagination. The pink tape on the cover, the bright patterns, the Emily Dickinson quote on the front (!) and I think the last page (Wishlist) is completely amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

Wow, what a gorgeous book!

Connie Lutz said...

"Sweet" isn't how I'd describe you - BUT THAT"S WHY I LOVE YOU!!! Miss seeing you - hoping toget to So Ca in Oct if all goes well!

Dad doing better if he's driving you all around?

Oh... Mercy said...

Love this journal.
It makes me want to read it!