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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comic Con hasn't ended...

Comic Con hasn't ended for us yet. The other night we went to the Academy to see Hayao Miyazaki. While we were in line, who did we see crossing the street in front of us to go to the Academy, but Matt Groening. I swear it's like the man will be thinking that we're stalking him or something and will be taking out a restraining order on us soon. Freaky weird coincidence.

So then last night we went to one of our favorite bookstores. Who walks in? John Kricfalusi,
whose panel we had seen a few nights prior at Comic Con. I sure hope his pitch went well, as it was funny as hell. The three of us were laughing our asses off. David's new favorite phrase is lawn cigar, which sends Tristan into hysterics.

We've been brainstorming the last few days about our dream guest appearances at Comic Con. You know, the people who we think Comic Con should have as invited guests. People who we want to see panels about. Here's our list-

Chris Ware
Barron Storey
Art Spiegelman
Robert Crumb
Aline Kominsky Crumb
Richard Corben
Barry Windsor Smith
Neal Adams
Al Williamson
Alan Moore
Steve Ditko (yeah, I know between Moore and Ditko, we can dream, right?)
Chris Claremont
Stan Lee
Marjane Satrapi
Ray Harryhausen
Mark Evanier (He IS the man for hosting panels. What about a panel on the man himself?)
Peter S. Beagle
Leonard Nimoy
Dave McKean
Joe Simon
Yoshitaka Amano
Bill Watterson
Jack Davis
Marie and John Severin
John Romita (both Jr and Sr)
John Buscema
Joe Kubert
P. Craig Russell
Michael Kaluta
Alex Ross
Walter Simonson
Mike Ploog
David Mazzuchelli
Chester Brown

Let's put the comics back in Comic Con.

Even though some of the above may have been there in the past, or even recently, it doesn't mean that everyone has had a chance to see them, or that we wouldn't want to see them AGAIN and again!

We did miss two of our favorite Scots this year. Eddie Campbell and Grant Morrison. Very weird seeing someone else at Campbell's spot in the Top Shelf booth.

Also, a tribute to Forrest J. Ackerman would have been nice and appropriate.


Oh... Mercy said...

Kelly- I love those pages.

Talk about synchronicity- I just took out some buddhist art work from Tibetan Buddhist calendars thinking about doing a Buddhist journal- I would love to find a Buddhist place around here- seems like there is just nothing happening that I can find.

Anyway- love the pages.
Glad you had a great time at the show.

freebird said...

Very nice pages. Prayer pages evidently. Hope you get what you are praying for.

Anonymous said...

omg my kids and I LOVE Miyazaki. We have literally every movie he ever made. They are so great.

Sandy said...

Great pages and I love the little slideshow of your swatches little paper book. Beautiful work.