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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

another June 30, 2009 page

No news to report yet. We're all kind of in limbo now waiting to hear from the doctors. Thanks for the kind words and prayers. They are very much appreciated.

Going to Comic Con for the first time?

Read this.

Some of my favorite tips-
1. Bring a water bottle which you can refill at any of the water bubblers. Saves you at least $4 a bottle.
2. Bring some cash, credit cards and a debit card. Remember, not all vendors take credit cards.
3. Use a backpack. Makes life so much easier. Those damn messenger bags SUCK for this event if you are buying books and STUFF and your back will hurt like hell by the end of the day. Trust me. I know.
4. Leave now if you want to find a parking space. No, seriously.
5. Better yet, take public transportation if you can.
6. Ralphs. Ralphs. Ralphs. Much cheaper then eating out every day.
7. Bring or buy a notebook to have your favorite artists to draw in. Note-some do charge.
8. Make a wish list of things you'd are looking for.
9. Scope out the panels, autographs and more in advance. Make a list. Go through the guide book, too and note any changes.
10. Wear good walking shoes. Con is NOT the time to break in a new pair of shoes nor is it the time to wear high heels. I don't care how good you look in 'em. You will be reduced to a whimpering mass by the end of the day.
11. Don't forget your camera.
12. Bring something small and easy to do while you're in line. A sketchbook. The guide book. A magazine. Something to keep you occupied.
13. Shower. Brush your teeth. Wash. Wear Deodorant. DAILY. please.
14. Some of the panel rooms can get downright frigid so bring a light sweater or sweatshirt.
15. Smile. Smile. Smile. Laugh. Have fun. You're there to have FUN, folks. Pass it on.

FYI, some people are selling badges on ebay. BE VERY WARY OF THIS. Personally, it pisses me off. Professionals SELLING badges that they got for free?!?!?! WTF? IF you do not have a ticket, follow Comic Con ON TWITTER HERE where they are still selling badges. ONLY buy badges through SDCCI. NO ONE ELSE. They are selling them for face value. Any other way of buying a badge may result in you not being able to get in the door!

For those of you in L.A., Cinefamily a.k.a. The Silent Movie Theatre has TWO film events coming up that every artiste should know about. Click here for more info.

7/12 @ 8pm
Family Books and Aaron Rose present:
3 Films About Sister Corita

8/15 (12pm & 7pm) & 8/16 (3pm, 5pm, 7pm & 9pm)
Handmade Nation


Viki said...

Love the image on this page!
You are a busy lady.
What a Summer of Stress you are having.
I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way.

T and J said...

Yes to # 13.
I am amazed that people don't know in the year 2009 to use deodorant.
You can even buy it from the 99 cent store.
All it requires is a few swipes under your pits each morning.

Social harmony for everyone :)

Laura T. said...

I love this page and esp the image of the girl on the rr track - I'm constantly amazed at your work - it's just beautiful and it inspires me. Can't wait to see you in Bellvue!!!

BT said...

I am sorry to hear about your Dad's illness and hope he is ok and you get some news soon. The waiting sucks, doesn't it?