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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Consumer Review Chefmate Tea kettle-black

Chefmate Tea kettle black-

Do not buy!!!

I should have known the price tag was too good to be true. I bought the teakettle and after a couple of uses, I noticed the weird bubbles forming near the bottom of the pot. The bubbles got worse and worse with each use until finally today, when they began to pop and fill the kitchen with a horrible, toxic smell. Not only did it bubble, but the bottom of the pot looked like the glue or whatever holds it together is burning! I will never buy anything again to cook with unless it is stainless steel or cast iron. I will never buy Chefmate again.

Thrift store, here I come!


T and J said...

I recommend a Japanese style hot pot - I don't know what its called - you plug it in on your counter and it boils water. Have been using one for 14 years and won't go back to the old stove method.

Altho - trust that it gets hot. My first time using it-I stuck my hand in the bottom and burnt my fingers. DOH.

prinsing said...

oh great....so I guess my 2 dollar chefmate toaster was not the find of the year? Ruh Roh!!
Target was clearing out all of their Chefmate brand merchandise...perhaps this is why! Thanks for the heads up

Sandy said...

Oh no. I'm not sure what brand mine is, it's more rounded. I'll have to go look now. I don't think it's Chefmate though. I've never smelled anything or seen bubbles. It's really sad that companies now just produce crap and don't care about consumer's health. What has happened to people? Greed perhaps?

Kelly Kilmer said...

It's always about greed and how cheaply things can be made...not about producing a good product and paying a living wage. I'd happily pay more for a better product, etc...

I should take pictures of my tea kettle to show you guys how bad it really looks...and it's not very old at all, which is the scary thing. It's been acting funky since the beginning.

Mary said...

I recently bought a stainless steel(cheapo-made in China) teapot...brought it home and cleaned it really well. I don't remember the brand name. I put water in it and the house filled up with a horrible odor. I thought it was a burnoff smell and it would eventually not smell. We washed it again...soaked it, in fact, and we still had a horrible smell...it made my eyes sting. We tried a few more times and I made a decision to throw it away. I should have taken it back to the store. I think I'm going to look for a glass pot...who knows if that will be safe?

Andrew Glazier said...

Chefmate toaster oven broiler bought at Target sets things on fire and doesn't ring the bell when done, just keep heating. Flames pour out of "oven" and damn near burned up the house. I threw a flaming oven onto porch where the plastic caught on fire. Wow, made in China by slave labor really is the way to go. Boycott this brand, it is garbage. Target is smart to dump this lawsuit waiting to happen.

Linda said...

I recieved a teakettle from my boyfriends father not ot long ago and used it, the first time it whistled really good and then after that it never whistled anymore and i noticed that the lip of it that is suppose to close tight so it can whistle was warped. Well we took it back last night and exchanged it for another thinking well it was just a bad one and my boyfriend tried the new and it didnt whistle and we got up this morning and noticed that one was warped also so we are taking it back and getting his money back and getting a better one. I didnt kjnow about the toxic problems i am glad i read that, I certainly will never ever buy Chefmate ever again no matter how cheap they are. As the saying goes " you get what you Pay for " so guys STAY AWAY FROM CHEFMATE!!!!