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Thursday, March 05, 2009

more 3/2/09 journal pages

On the off topic, can anyone in L.A. recommend a good renter's insurance agent/company? I'd appreciate it...thanks.


J.lee Hansen said...

These are very nice

martha brown said...

I love these pages Kelly! What kind of pen did you use to make the heart -- they are such a THICK lines!

Kelly Kilmer said...

sharpie poster paint white waterbased pen

Sandy said...

Great pages with lots of color. OT: now might be a great time to buy a home. You've written before about bad landlords and neighbors. You might be able to get a home large enough to have a tape room and a pen room!

theMoorChilde said...

Love these pages. I love blowing them up and admiring how the colors all work together to form a whole. Very cool.
And I feel your pain about the gyno visit. I hate them too. So much so that I haven't been in like 9 years. But this time when I go I'm gonna speak up for myself if the person is an ass. Why be polite when they can't be? I asks ya'!

Sandy said...

I love the pages. I love the pink chair most of all. ;)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sandy-lol, send me some $ to buy a home and i'll move. hee hee.
seriously, i moved into my apartment before they changed the rent control laws..the rent has tripled to quadrupled from what i pay now..i can't afford to move and i can't afford a down payment on a house! i wish i could...most of the supplies i buy are for classes..i'm not rolling in the dough people think i have. i wish i was, but i'm not. i'm very lucky that i live in a rent controlled apartment and that i drive an old car and all that..live simply and simply live..that's my motto.
one of these days i will have my own place with a backyard and trees..that's what i want...but it won't be for awhile now.

Mieke said...

WOW, super!!!