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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 8, 2009 journal pages

I LOVE how pink the backof this building is..it's a restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.
I'm so happy that this woman image fit the book perfectly. Phew.

Sadly, I was right to be stressed about the doctor's visit. I'll be fine. It'll all work out. I'm just frustrated.

I don't have insurance (Tristan does, though), so that means going to the clinic or other services for treatment. Now, before someone jumps in and says that I should take the money I spend on tape and books and use it towards paying for health care, I'll honestly tell you NO that I can't. I've looked into it. I can't. I don't spend as much as you think and most of what I do spend goes towards class supplies. The money I spend would not be enough, even if I saved and scrimped and went without to pay for insurance. So, don't go giving me some b.s. spiel about health insurance and how I should be able to pay for my own and how everyone who is without health insurance should be able to pay for their own. That we're just lazy and selfish and hoarding our money under our mattresses. Bullshit. I once had a friend who at the time, I didn't realize how much wealth her family had, who was not supporting the grocery store employees in So CA during the strikes (I did. I refused to shop at the stores that were on strike, going elsewhere. I would honk and wave at the strikers. I refuse to cross a picket line. It's how I was brought up. I believe that if people stand together, union or other wise, that things will get done and things will change. It's that belief that brought about the 4o hour work week, paid vacation time, and things like not locking employees in). Any ways, this friend said to me that "She pays for her health insurance, so why shouldn't they?" Well, for starters, the people working at the grocery store don't have husbands who make millions. Not to mention, that health care was included with their benefit package when they started working at the grocery store. WHY should it be taken away because the company refuses to pay any more?

So, long story short, because I don't have health insurance I am forced to go to clinics. I don't have one primary care doctor because I don't have health insurance. I go to the doctors and get treated like I'm an idiot even when I speak up and ask questions, I get shot down and treated like I have no idea what the hell I am talking about. Even the doctor at the clinic tells me I need to go talk to my primary care physician. What part of I don't have health insurance do you not understand? How many people in this country choose between paying the electric bill and buying their medication? How many of us will continue to let this happen? How many of us will continue to pay the outrageous premiums that the health insurance INDUSTRY forces us to pay, before we stand up and say NO MORE.


Renee said...

Oh Kelly, this sounds horrible. I will keep reading further to find out what is wrong with your health. I am already going 'God, don't let it be anything serious.'

Kelly, I don't really know how the system is there but thank God for what we have in Canada. I would be dead now or homeless otherwise.

We just go to our doctor of choice and everything runs smooth.

That anyone would think of people like that is very disturbing. Don't they know that just because they have doesn't mean you do. Are you still friends with this person?

Kelly, I am not a good one for giving advice but I would state here, that absolutely NOT should you give up your art. It is part of what makes your life. You are an artist.

Thinking that if a person spends $50 on their passion instead of health care is ridiculous.

We pay nothing here for healtcare. But we are taxed, which to me seems right.

Love Renee

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Renee,
I'm not giving up my art. I'll end up on a funny farm if I do and that's not going to happen ;) Art keeps me sane and whole...and healthy, mentality wise that is!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh, and I would willingly and happily pay more in taxes if the money would go for healthcare, education and other social services...trust me, I totally agree.

If they stopped spending all of this money on the warS, we would have plenty of money. Helping people instead of killing them sounds damn good to me. But, alas, we're in a system where they don't want people educated and healthy...just enough for them to be "happy workers" punching out their time cards. And the wheel goes 'round...

Sandy said...

Oh Kelly. I hope you're ok. I'll add you to my prayer list.

I too have had to live without insurance. I'm not 100% sure but I think Louisiana is one if not the only state left with a partial charity hospital system. If you don't have insurance you don't have to pay anything if you qualify. While I was in Nursing school I didn't have insurance and I had to have emergency surgury to have my gall bladder removed. I had to go through charity to have it done. Thank goodness we have this system. I don't know how I would have paid if we didn't.

I agree with you. After I graduated from Nursing school I went to work at the same Charity Hospital. It saddeneds me to see the number of people who have to choose between their medicine or food each month. These are our elders who live on a fixed income most of the time. But some of them are younger single mothers who are down on their luck and are doing their best. Yes I've been there in that situation too. I've worked full time but couldn't afford the insurance to be with held from my check. It's ridiculous what the hospitals charge for "one" pill, just one pill. The mark up for supplies is outrageous. I always call and ask for an itemized list when we have to do anything outpatient or inpatient and then I will go through it line by line and I will call my insurance and tell them to dispute something if I'm being charged and wasn't provided the service. You have to watch for this.

I hope something is done soon here for our insurance, medicine and education systems. And I hope nothing serious is wrong.

I do love your journal pages as always. You create beautiful art.

Sorry to ramble as this became a long "comment"

Anonymous said...

We've gotta get that rally started in the streets, Kelly! I sense your rage(!) like that I commented about in my reaction to the "Mad" journal page. I pray that your health concerns are not serious. I love Stampers Warehouse and so wish I could be there when you teach there next weekend....my best to you.

Auntie Karen said...

I lived for years without insurance and I know the horrors of clinics. There needs to be insurance for everyone. Taxes are part of being a civilized country. I would also pay more taxes so people could go to the doctor when they need to. I want to be proud of my tax money!

Artzy Diva said...

Kelly, Having lived & suffered without health insurance for almost 18 years & going to the ER or the clinic for treatment (repeatedly as my health was declining at that time), foregoing need medications because I didn't have the hundreds and hundreds of dollars needed to pay for even a 1/2 month supply and always being treated like an idiot who was undeserving of proper care I can TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND MOST EMPHATICALLY understand where you are coming from.

As for your health: If there is ANYTHING I can do, even if it is just sending hugs or strange mail, PLEASE, PLEASE do not hesitate to give me a yell. SERIOUSLY.

Oh, and NEVER, EVER give up your art. You wouldn't be whole without it.


Shoshanah said...

oh no! i hope you are okay!?!

this is the first random google i came up with: http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/roc/archives/2005/05/socialized_medi.html

i have aetna. heh.

anyway, americans are so AFRAID of socialized medicine. it isn't that bad, and i wish we had it here. i had a recurring bronchial infection and got really sick when i was going to school in england. i was able to walk to the neighborhood clinic, get right in to see a dr., and get a prescription that kicked the infection's butt (it never came back)!

Traci Bunkers said...

Hi Kelly, I can totally sympathize with you about health insurance, and I've GOT it. And because I have it (and pay a chunk for it), and have a low income, I'm stuck in between. Because I have health insurance, I can't go to the local clinics for low income people. But because I'm low income, I can't afford the health care/doctors that I need. There have been times I've thought of dropping my health insurance because it would sure make it easier to pay my bills if I had that money each month. But, because of my health issues, I'm too afraid to drop it. Yet, when I use it, my premiums go up, and my insurance company says it's because I had expensive tests done or went to the doctor too much. So, yeah, it's really F'd up. I don't understand why Americans are so afraid of socialized medicine. How could it be any worse than what we've got?

And yeah, the amount of money I spend each month on art supplies and stuff like that wouldn't pay for my health insurance, and I have bare bones insurance.

I hope everything is okay with you!

oneartistjournal said...

Why is it so difficult to emulate European insurance systems, these work beautifully..I know..I used to pay $25 a month and got FULL servise in the Netherlands as well as in Israel.
Great journal entries kelly..I love that pink restaurant wall and stairs.

Sharyn said...

Oh my dear Kelly! I hope that there is nothing to serious and whatever it is can be taken care of quickly. My positive thoughts and prayers go out to you.

I don't know about medical coverage in CA but you could always move back here! You know, the state that requires people to have insurance. There is a program that lets you get coverage through the state based on your income-you could then have some coverage.

That said, I am lucky enough to have decent health insurance through Michael's job but we still end up paying many thousands a year between premiums and high copays. Then there are the referrals and denials and appeals to get what your doctor says you need vs. what the "company" says you should have. There really has to be a better way for this country,with all it's medical resources, to better serve it's citizens.

I could go on and on about this as I have been on both sides, living with and without insurance.

All that said, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Feel free to email me and just vent if you need.

And remember, if you get packed off the funny farm you willl probably only stay a few days because you have no insurance :)

Jeane Frizzell said...

I'm thinking of you and hoping that everything turns out okay!

tgarrett said...

My thoughts are with you- this health care thing is such a BIG DEAL. Why this country can't get over the very tired arguments. My partner pays for his own and it's terrible- 7 grand a year for a 3 grand deductible. It did save our ass when he had to have cancer surgery- ALL AMERICANS SHOULD HAVE HEALTH CARE!!!! Big hugs and hang in-

Adriane Giberson said...

Oh... this is a touchy one for me...

WHY do you think I'm moving back to Canada?

The last time I lost my job and was living by myself (supporting a young child) the unemployment insurance I received was not even enough to cover my rent... let alone health insurance, which for the three of us currently costs about $800 a month.

And seeing that I'm about to become a single mom once again, I can't take the chance of not being able to provide for my child or know that should we be in need of medical attention, that it would have to be forfeited because I can't afford to pay for it.