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Monday, February 16, 2009

last of the journal pages from this book...

Just a couple more to go...I'm actually done with the journal. I have a new one bound and ready to go that I am itching to work in. I am very happy and thankful that it's supposed to rain today and that it's a holiday-yay!!!! Time to work and play-yay! AND a day to stay indoors and in my pjs. Double yay!I bought the coolest book tonight at Family on Fairfax. It was in the back in the 50% off bin. I couldn't resist and almost squealed (yes, I'm that much of a geek). It's called KATJA TUKIAINEN WORKS. Originally $45 marked down to $22.50. Very happy, indeed!
Last night I was reading Cartoon Brew and they were talking odd thermometers that are tied in to cartoon characters. Of course I have to read the comments and one comment says that the funniest tie-in is the hello kitty vibrator.
Of course I had to go google that and holy shit-how funny is that?
AND there are pictures to boot-not of anything gross just the vibrator AND it says 'i heart hello kitty' of course you do
! My fave is the picture of the woman using it as a shoulder massager...sure...Yup. Gotta love weird merchandise and who in their right mind would think "I've got it-a Hello Kitty vibrator!". What's even funnier is that David asked if the Hello Kitty stores sold it and I said "HELL-O Kitty!" and Tristan cracked up. He has no idea what the hell we talking. "What's so funny?" "I'll tell you in a few more years..." Wouldn't that be funny if they sold it in the stores? Right between the stickers and bed pillows.


Shoshanah said...

i ran across that on amazon the xmas before last. it was too spendy to give as a gag (er...sorry) gift. i love hello kitty, but i don't LOVE hello kitty. not enough to take it to the next level, anyway!

Jeane Frizzell said...

Who approved this idea and better yet who is the target audience? Would a parent really buy this for their kid to use as a neck massager? Funny!

Nancy said...

OMG ... a Hello Kitty vibrator??? What will they think of next? *lol*

Great pages, as always!

Sandy said...

Love the pages and I'm just not going to get that personal with Hello Kitty. I don't know her that well......LOL Too funny.

Marie-Aimée said...

it's absolutely fantastic !!!! all ideas, thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english

Artzy Diva said...

I have to admit, I knew about the Hello Kitty vibrator before reading this post! Not from personal experience, mind you, just from a conversation a while back with a group of rowdy women!!!

Yeah, I gotta wonder who came up with that one. I'd love to see it in between the stickers and note paper!!!! That'd be a freakin' hoot!!!!