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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

journals, sharpie poster paint pens and what not...

Bye Bye, old journal, old friend...
Hello new journal! Greetings, my new friend!
One little tip, always put your contact information on the inside cover of your journal...just because you never know.
First page. I did end up adding a little butterfly to the top right hand corner...just 'cause I felt like it.
A couple of things-
Yes, Sharpie discontinued their poster paint pens (say it ain't so, we love the water based pens!). Hmmm... should artists of the world unite!?! Should we initiate a letter campaign?

My friend, Amy in TX maintains a COOL blog. She's got some fun give aways planned. Make sure you stop by and visit her often. Bookmark it!

This story on PA Judges getting kick backs for putting youths in privately owned jails really got me po'd last night.


Mar said...

i went to the ver COOL blog cool indeed and
then read the story..
unfortunately this is not an isolated circumstance it is our government at work...
and too sad about the markers!

Yasu said...

Hi! Kelly. I am Yasu who took your fun class in Scottsdale!(I am Japanese) I haven not yet wrote about your class on my blog ( I will soon) but I gave you an award for you wonderful creative works!! My blog has visitors from Japan and I hope they can admire your art!!! I hope you come back to Arizona before I bo back to Japan this fall!!

crimsoncat05 said...

oooh, it already looks interesting, and you only just started using it!

Sandy said...

Wow your old journal is so colorful and full. I love seeing that. I just want to sit and look and look at it.

And the new journal is so pretty. Love the cover and the first page. Great work.

I visited your friends blog, great giveaway and I love her blog. I haven't had time to visit the other site but with the day I've had it's sure to piss me off too.

Linda said...

I rushed to Office Max up the street and bought 3 packages of sharpie poster paint pens when I read your blog this morning. Thanks for the alternatives you listed.

Amy in Austin said...

Thanks so much for the plug. I *love* the new journal! Your class sounds awesome too. I have to say that your class I took at A&S in Portland was the best class for helping me get over my inner critic in my journals, which led to much growth in the rest of my art life! Thanks so much and if you ever need a recommendation or a testimonial (LOL), give me a shout!

Artzy Diva said...

Love the new journal, Kelly! I made a new one over the weekend and can't wait to work in it!!!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Excuse me, I see some um fabric on your new journal, Oh, yeah!