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Friday, February 27, 2009

2/25 and 2/26 journal pages

Some fun stuff on etsy:

Maya Made Burlap Bags...ohhhhhh, I *Love* her work and her blog

RetroNana -TAPE, tape and more tape.

and not on etsy, but...

Uh, need tape and sharpie poster paint pens? Go HERE now.

Maira Kalman *love*

OH! and Carol Tyler has a new book coming out in April-Yay!


Raine said...

I wanna go to Arizona! Who's with me?!?!?!?!

Jeane Frizzell said...

Love your journal pages! You are amazing. How do you have time to fit it all in?

martha brown said...

Oh, I want to take your March class! but I'm still plugging through the January prompts, LOL! BUT WAIT! I am taking a class from you art ArtUnraveled Kelly!!!I'll see you in August (maybe I'll be finished my January book by then)(not any reflection on you that I'm not finished -- I'm just working at my own speed -- and LOVING it!)

Toni said...

lord, tantalizing!!! but no, I mustn't, I have to finish something else.

meanwhile, I have meant to ask and keep forgetting: the 'goo' that you glopped onto wax paper at the Frenzy Stamper workshop, that we used to glue our matboard to the paper for the journal covers ... what is it, who makes it, where do I get it, pretty please? especially in a tub of that very impressive size? antoniafufu@yahoo.com

Toni said...

And to Raine, above -- hey, I LIVE in Arizona, less than 15 minutes from the Frenzy Stamper -- want I should pick you up a few things? (smile)

Joy Logan said...

YUMMY journal for sure Kelly. I love all your amazing pages!

Artzy Diva said...

AWESOME colors!!!!

I want more tape & poster paint pens!!!! I need to go shopping. NOW!!!!

michelle ward said...

liking the XOs! i am trying hard not to click on your links - enabler!