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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Workshops for the month of January

I only have 3 classes left for the rest of January, and here they are:

Sun, Jan 11th Stamp Addict San Diego Swatches: Little Paper Books
I'm absolutely addicted to these little books. I guarantee after this class, you'll be too! After you pick from a hodge podge of "found" papers, you will assemble a variety of little paper books. We will quickly assemble a small pile of "swatches" learning a quick and easy bookbinding stitch as you go. We will then start to work quickly on the pages (but not too quickly) working in multiple books at one time, listening to our muses (no criticism only soft whispers of "go for it..."), we will collage, stamp, paint, doodle, stitch and play on the pages. You will learn how to work fast. You will learn a variety of new mixed media collage techniques. You will walk out with a small pile of books that you can toss in a bag and bring with you anywhere and everywhere.

Supply list- Students should, please, bring to class: Favorite Glue stick, Scissors, bone folder, cork backed metal ruler, 3 1" bristle brushes to paint and glue with, container to hold water, small selection of collage ephemera to use, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels. Questions? Please email Kelly at Egorey99@sbcglobal.net

Sat, Jan 17th Urban Craft Center Santa Monica Snippets Book
Create your own unique album filled with varying sizes of snippets, mementos and paper treasures. We will fill the pages with tiny ephemeral treasures noting what it is that makes these images to important to us. Turning the pages of a book like this fills us with simple joy and pleasure. Learn how to make your own snippet filled book in this 5 hour workshop!

Supply list-Students should please bring the following: Small selection of Collage ephemera (handmade/decorative paper, copies of old photos, magazine clippings, journal pages, art book pages, cherished cut outs-anything that "speaks" to you. Please make color copies of anything you wish to use more then once),Scissors, bone folder, 3 bristle brushes to paint and glue (no foam please), container to hold water in, cork backed metal ruler, black permanent ink pad (like Versafine or Memories) roll of paper towels, and a roll of waxed paper. The instructor will be supplying an array of professional artist acrylics and mediums, rubber stamps, collage ephemera, and all necessary materials

Sun, 18th Stampin From The Heart L.A. Reclaimed: An Artist's Altered Book
I love books, books in all forms and books with a variety of different pages. This is a book you will love. You will create, using a hardcover book as a base, a book with a plethora of different pages in a variety of textures and designs. You will sew these pages into your Reclaimed book. You will then learn several new mixed media techniques to work on the pages. Your head will be full of new ideas after this class. We’re bringing altered books to a whole different level. You’ll fall in love with the idea of reclaiming a book that was headed to the dumpster as an amazing work of art. This is a class for beginners to advanced: all are welcome.

Supply list: You need to bring a hardcover book (my sample is an old ledger, but you can use ANY kind of hardcover book. The size and thickness is up to you. Questions? Email Kelly at Egorey99@sbcglobal.net), Scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes) .

To view my full schedule, visit my "other blog" which is here:


~Barb~ said...

What I wouldn't give to live in your neck of the woods, so to speak, cause I would be at every class you taught! That would be heavenly! Not much artwise going on in the backwoods of Alabama. Ugh! lol
Peace & Love,

Sandy said...

I'm with you Barb. There's not much going on in Southern Louisiana either. Well Mardi Gras is starting up, but not much in Art Journaling. LOL

Great stuff Kelly, love the little books.

amyrehnae said...

Hey, girl! Miss Stephanie said your prompt a day class was amazing! How do I get in on this?? I think this may be just what I need right now! Hope all is well!