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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OK, this is ridiculous

The Postmaster General wants to cut back on mail delivery?? WTF? Seriously? NO. (My Mother works for the PO and I do not want to see her affected or other WORKERS affected *OR* my Mail affected!)...AND they are raising RATES AGAIN and they just raised rate.

Domino magazine says bye bye. (Damnit, it wasn't bad enough that Home Companion and Blueprint folded)

The 1000 Journals film is now on DVD! Woo hoo. Mine is coming in the mail by Friday.


Lorraine said...

its the same over here..my fav craft shop went into administration..so far our post office is ok but for how long..hope your mum doesnt lose her job

Sandy said...

Don't you love how they keep raising the prices and they now want to shorten the delivery times? It's insane. Maybe if they would quit raising the rates more people would mail things through them and not UPS or Fed Ex. It used to make my Mom so mad that they did this. She retired from the Post Office a couple years ago.

I can't believe Domino is going too. So many great ones are leaving.

I'll be checking out the 1000 Journals DVD. Thanks.

Nancy said...

I just read the headline about the PO ... idiots! And got my card from the mag folks about "Home Companion" - they're sending me MStewart's "Living" instead. Oh, yeah .. that'll work ...NOT!
Will keep your mom & all of the other postal workers in my prayers.

Mouseybrat said...

Maybe we could start a movement to get people to mail more stuff...

Ricë said...

how about if they cleaned up the post office, didn't mess with the employees so they're not so grouchy all the time, and quit raising rates? how 'bout that? then maybe we'd MAIL MORE STUFF.

i feel so sorry for the workers there--all the rules and regulations and nonsense make their lives miserable. my favorite has turned into a total grouch. i can't blame him.

Karenann Young said...

This post office stuff sucks. They raise our rates and we get bad service. I also think they should check their scales for packages. I swear I pay too much, that's why I try to use the flat rate as much as I can. The last time I was at the post office I had to wait nearly an hour to get waited on!!! On the up side, we have very nice people working at our post office.

Can't wait for your review on the 1000 Journal DVD!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

As far as grouchy post office staff, blame the management and head honchos...my mother loves to tell me horror stories about life as a PO worker. If you heard them, you'd know why they were so damn bitchy and grouchy at times! I'd be too if the boss was constantly watching everything I did!

Lisa Sonora Beam said...

OMG. NOT Domino! NO! This almost required a funeral.
I LOVE that mag! and miss blueprint.

what's up! no advertising, I guess.


Shoshanah said...

no no no -- not domino, too!?!

and no more postage hikes -- cstomers are bitterly complaining about the last one -- i had to raise MY postage rates, and peeps don't wanna pay the postage...so there goes even MORE business!

ps my mailman ROCKS.

oneartistjournal said...

I love your new pages kelly..
Also thanks for letting us know about the DVD..I've been waiting for it...so so happy..Orly

M said...

I heard about the PO suggestion, Yikes! I hope your Mom isn't affected. There's only one grouch at my PO and I let the person behind me go ahead so I get the nice ones!
Domino folding?! *&!x#@!!!!! I was getting it because House Beautiful went kaput. Now what are they going to send?????
Got my postcard this week that they'll start sending MS Living-"in the next few monthes" WTF?

Altered Route said...

They can't cut back any further in my part of the country. I only get mail Mon,Wed,and Fri as it is...and it really sucks when there is a 3 day wkend!

AnnaM said...

It's funny. I had kind fo thought the no mail deleivery on Saturday was a good thing.
But I had also heard that although there was no delivery, there would still be people working in the post office, just not carriers.

Odd how I can see something as so benign, or even a good idea, then I pop over here, and realize that I was wrong. sigh

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, they are a business- if they can save themselves from going under by doing that wouldnt that be better than going under and all would loose their jobs? looking at it glass half full.