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Friday, January 30, 2009

oh the things that make me happy...

David, Tristan, Family, Friends, Art, Journals, Books, Used bookstores, Old Libraries, Nature, Trees, Rain, Snow, Fur footed friends, a well loved paint brush, a favorite pen, children laughing, a stranger walking down the street singing, a letter that someone held in their hands decades ago that now you are holding in your hands...

things that make me happy...Maira Kalman makes me happy. How I love Maira. Please come out with a new book soon! At least for now we have her other books and this.

Hope, hope, hope and the good that people work for makes me happy. Peace.

Movies like this that speak truth and bring things out to light that others try to shove down, hide and destroy.

Journal pages that sing from the heart.

The promise of a lovely book...

Finally, FIX IT shops and that some really still do exist. Yesterday I had my cell phone fixed in about 5 minutes from this shop on Melrose. I am so happy. The landfill is happy as it's quite full and doesn't need my cell phone in it. The only one not happy is Verizon 'cause I ain't renewing my contract just to get a phone! We need more fix it shops. Tristan is happy because he loves how my phone is a "fusion" of two phones: mine which was pink and someone else's which was grey. How cool is that?


trish said...

lovely post:) I had a bad day, it made me smile and think about what makes me happy! thanks-

Karen said...

You do know that Maira Kalman did this for the inauguration, don't you? http://kalman.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/29/the-inauguration-at-last/
I hope she is back to the NYT for good! A new book...Yes, please!

Anonymous said...

Love Maira Kalman too..(: It's good to name the things that make us happy..usually it's much easier to name the ones that make us unhappy..

Stampmaiden said...

The fusion of your cell phone sounds like the cars in my family. LOL!!

~Barb~ said...

Your posts are always so enlightening, Kelly. Thanks!
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥