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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 19th journal pages

I actually started the bird one the other day but finished it last night. I did about 4 pages last night. I swear I was twitching for lack of having worked on my own personal work for a few days.

Would you believe that I just finished compiling the handout for my January A Prompt A Day class? Everything was already completed, typed up, etc... but I needed to still compile all of the prompts and a photo of each page into one big handout.

Um, the handout is 62 pages long.

Since there are 31 days in January and each day there is a Painting, Collage and Journaling prompt, there are 93 prompts total. I'll be emailing these to group members starting today.

I'm VERY excited about the February A Prompt A Day class. January has been AWESOME. Seriously. I always think the best thing about teaching is giving people an idea and they take it and make it their own. I Love love love giving my students the same idea (paint the page or collage the page this way) and they all make their pages unique even if they are using the same colors!! Woo hoo!!!

I also love how the group is composed of such a variety of people from a vast variety of lands...ahh, I LOVE IT. Some never used acrylics before this class while others have been painting for years. Some have never made a journal page before while others have been keeping a journal for a very long time. It's a very sharing, giving group. It's a VERY talented group. I love it-it really is art from the heart which is what I'm always after!

I am VERY excited to be teaching at Art Unraveled again this year. I will be doing a blog post about it when the site goes LIVE.
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A Citizen's Oath of Office

This Land Really Is Made For You and Me

Pete Seeger and Co singing "This Land is Your Land" with ALL of Guthrie's lyrics intact!


Nancy said...

Wonderful pages, as always, Kelly!
I am thoroughly enjoying your class & will be signing up for February, too. I love working with the paints & all, and your prompts keep my work-weary brain functioning on a creative level. Thank you!
I can't believe you already have the January prompts ready for us to download! You rock!!

unlikelycrafter said...

Awww shucks Kelly! All of the credit goes to you. Class has been great!! I haven't peeked ahead yet on the master document because I love checking the class website constantly for news!

Jeane Frizzell said...

I'm VERY excited about February Prompt A Day! Sure, I don't check your blog for one day and look at everything I missed! I'm off to sign up NOW!

Seth said...

Great pages. How do you find the time to be this prolific???