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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One of my class samples for Reclaimed, An Altered Artist's Book

This is one of the sample books I started the other day in teaching. While I'm teaching, I always work along with the students so that I can demo techniques and ideas. I feel that students get a better idea of what you're talking about if they can see you do it! I don't spend the whole time working in my books, I am always watching and looking to see if anyone needs help or is stuck.

I remember years ago when teaching that a store owner told me that a student had said she would never take another one of my classes again because "She spent time working in her own book." I was annoyed and aggravated that the store owner didn't explain what I was doing (the store owner had taken my classes and knew my style of teaching very well) and that even worse, wouldn't tell me who the student was so that I could explain.

Nothing like this has happened recently, it just popped into my mind as I sat down to write the blog. Little things like that stick with me, for some reason.

I love teaching classes. I love art. I love giving someone an idea, showing them what I did with the idea and then giving them permission to PLAY with the technique and seeing what they can come up with on their own. I think that's the best thing about teaching: seeing how others translate your ideas and make them into their own.

So, here's a little painting prompt for the day:

Open your journal.

Take a deep breath, look at your acrylic paints and pick out 3 colors: a "light" color, a "medium" color and a "dark" color. Don't worry about it, just do it. My favorite colors are: Hansa yellow medium, Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalo Blue. Those are my 3 must haves. Also grab a white OR titan buff color.

Instead of using your bristle (or chip) brushes to paint. I want you to use something different. NOT a foam brush. Try using an old tooth brush (obviously one you're never ever going to use again).


Layer the colors in different orders letting each one dry between layers. (Hint: to speed up drying times, take a paper towel or old rag and SCRUB). Try light to dark on one page, dark to light on another. On a third page try more of one color and less of another. See how you can make each page look *very* different using ONLY three colors??? Try this for several pages. Don't forget scrubbing the pages down *and* putting a piece of waxed paper between them so they'll dry!

Try taking a wee bit o' white or titan buff and scrubbing and scratching the white/buff color on top of these painted pages. See the neat results you can get? Try putting the white/buff down first randomly. Let the white/buff dry and layer colors on top. Voila ~! Different result.

The more you do stuff like this, the more it will start to "click". Acrylics are fun, easy and versatile. You do not need every color on the market to make this work. You need a handful of colors and play time: 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Another tidbit I tell my students is to go out and buy the biggest thing of Gloss OR Polymer medium you can find (this is FLUID and *not* gel). Mix it about 50/50 with your paint colors. Mixing like this will extend your paints and make them last longer (do NOT buy what they label extender, that extends the drying time and you will be very po'd with me! LOL).

What are you waiting for? Go play.


Scottsdale, AZ: February 6-8th, I will be at Frenzy Stamper!! Woo hoo! Mark your dates NOW! Samples are IN the store.

Danville, CA March 20-22nd, I will be at Stampers Warehouse!! Woo hoo!! Mark your dates NOW! Class information to be released soon! Samples will be in the store in January!

Remember, art classes make great gifts for YOU or a friend!


Raine said...

Hi Kelly!

I printed out your paint prompt to take to my studio tomorrow...well, technically today...cuz it's after midnight! I'm gonna go up to my studio, pull out my paints and grab my latest journal and have at it. I am working in the SIXTH journal that I've made that I've FILLED since taking my first class with you less than one year ago. My journals are so much more fun now. And I don't feel that I have to document my day like a diary (unless I want to). I'm always looking through them and enjoying the art. There's something very satisfying about poring over the pages, enjoying the colors, the images, the textures. A visual and tactile treat.

Thank you for mentoring me...even if you didn't know that's what you were doing. You helped me find another form of artistic expression. I may have mentioned that to you once or twice. *smile*


T and J said...

At least the student didn't get up and walk out like I did on that one lady years ago at the stamp store at the Galleria.
I do recall you laughed when I told you that. I was annoyed with her and even more annoyed with the overly cute Christmas stuff.
Half of that was my fault - I was new to classes. Now I know to do a little more research.

I think you are a fun and wonderful teacher. Don't let one person stick in your craw.

I sent you those stickers - I hope they made you at least smile :)

Auntie Karen said...

You LOVE to teach, it is so obvious to anyone with half a brain. I LOVED taking classes with you and was really sad when the only craft and paper store in the whole county closed because there was no where for you to come back to. I am so happy you are jumping into the on-line class thing. If I lived in Cali I would be a stalker/student for sure!

crimsoncat05 said...

Woo-Hoo for Kelly in Scottsdale in February!! I'm going to make a weekend out of it, cause I want to take at least three of the classes for sure!!

And I second Raine's comment about how you mentor people to give them another form of artistic expression- I never would have started art journaling if I hadn't taken the class with you a couple years ago at AU. I used to think that the only ways to document your life and feelings were either writing in a diary, or "conventional scrapbooking" using pictures and journaling the who/what/when of an event. When I go back and look at some of my SB pages now, the photos and layouts are nice, but overall they're kind of boring- they don't have much emotion behind them. Your classes have definitely inspired me to loosen up as an artist and realize that it's "okay" to mix it all together, and I sincerely thank you for that.

And personally, I LOVE that you work on your own books during classes!!! (If I wanted to only be told what steps to do, I could get that out of a book or magazine. I think it adds to classes, to have the instructor "showing" and "doing" instead of just "telling" the students what to do.)

katy said...

i love it when teachers show you. i do much better when i see it than when i hear it. i did take a class once that was a 2 saturday classand i spent a lot for it. i was unable to make it to the second saturday class due last minute. i emailed the instructor an hour before class to see if she could send me any handouts or tips since i wasnt going to be able to attend. i heard nothing, ever. if there wasnt any handouts she could have emailed me that even. i didnt expect money back or anything. now i make sure i avoid that teacher.

i cannot wait for your online class!

amyrehnae said...

Seems like every time I stop by I learn something! You are truly a teacher in your heart, and it takes a special person to do that. Thanks for listening to your true self and for sharing it with us!