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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My December 2008 new Reclaimed: An Altered Artist's Book

I love this book! It's small. It's cute. It's just extremely inviting to work in!!!One thing you should know, with every journal, I like to alter the size. Big is easy for me. Small pushes me. I think it's a good thing as an artist to change things...it does help to push and pull. Sometimes you just have to go into a different direction and see where it leads. Art is like that.

Starting a new journal is like going on a new adventure. It's not the finished product I'm after, it's the process and the journey. It's always interesting to look back through my books and to see how things have changed and evolved.

I can't wait to dive in on this one!


Carmen said...

Love, love, love the image on the cover, where ever did you find it?

Can't wait to see all of the artsy goodness you fill this one with Kelly!!!


Connie Lutz said...

Hi Kelly - I love this book and the trytich is too cute! When ya coming back up here? There's a store I just discovered near me - Scraplovers - they said you'd been there before...so...COME BACK!!


2DogStudio said...

This is so cool! The spine looks large. Will you be adding more sigs to it? Makes me want to make one of these too! There are not enough hours in the day..sigh

laura said...

I cannot believe how much I love to alter books, so this post gives me much pleasure. I have several old books to use and some of the covers are too pretty to paint or cover. Seeing this helps me see what to do. Always teaching, aren't you!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Carmen-the image is from Anahata Katkin's collection of collage images she sold awhile back.

Connie, I'm looking into No CA. If anyone knows any place, LMK!!!

Actually, the spine isn't very big at all-only about a 1/2" to an 1" (off the top of my head).

I'm going to keep it only one signature that way I can add more to the pages and let it poof out as I put more stuff on the pages...

I don't spend all day making art (wish I did)...you actually only need a few minutes a day...I always say if you have time to watch tv, go on the 'puter, etc.. you have a wee bit o' time for art ;)

Beth said...

Kelly, would love to take a class from you again!!!! I love all the books you've shown lately. Have you checked into 'A Work of Heart'? OOOh I see that Connie mentioned it. It is ScrapLovers (scrap store) with an art workshop. They are in San Jose and we'd love to have you back in Northern CA! email Andrea at: awohcontact@aworkofheart.com

hint, hint! Beth

crimsoncat05 said...

oooh, I love this one too! I really need to clean up my art supplies this weekend, but I think I'll be making some art instead!!