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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Total Lynda Barry *love*

I did it! I wrote the Unthinkable!! In TWO days! Lynda wore me out but I had a blast!!!
Thanks to the guy standing in line behind me at lunch time waiting for Lynda (who works for Matt G.) who scoped out and found the ballroom. Two thumbs up! The classroom was perfect. Parking was good (grumble..I hate L.A. and $7 a day to park. I KNOW it's cheap for L.A. but...I hate paying to park. I am a cheap bitch ;)). OH and the bathroom was super shiny clean and had nice soap. ;)Oooh. Index cards. LOTS of them. Lots of writing prompts and ideas. Whatcha see in What It Is is only a miniscule fraction compared to what was on the table for us to peruse during class breaks.
Ahh, the many faces of Lynda. I love that she looks exactly as she draws.
Here she is drawing in David's book (not my David, somebody else's David. My David didn't go. He stayed home to pick up our boy, so I could go play with Lynda and 50 people for 2 days). So, the David whose book Lynda is drawing in..he made her cry. Which almost made me cry. Lynda told us how much she adored Family Circus growing up and how much of a part of her life it was...So, the other David (remember, someone else's David) went out last night and bought her some of the old Family Circus books. She burst into tears when she opened it up.
Lynda sharing her new books with the class:
Lynda didn't talk about Doris Mitchell in class today, but I heard her tell the story at San Diego Comic Con...There's a dedication to Doris in What It Is. I guess you can tell I'm a collage artist if little pieces of paper like this make me go bonkers:
OK, and I'm really not weird stalker fan girl...but I thought it was funny 'cause those of you who have taken my art classes know that my corner of the room never looks as neat and tidy as this (OMG and I LOVE the cowboy boots)...when I teach, my shit is piled everywhere. I'm organized but it just doesn't look like this:The only disappointing event of the two days was that Lynda told us yesterday that before class today and at lunch, she would sign books. I figured I don't want my book signed (I already had it signed at Comic Con) and I don't need ALL of my books signed only one. SO, I stood in line for 35 minutes waiting for a picture with her. Lunch was 1 to 2. At 1:55, I was the 3rd to last person in line. Lynda was talking to the woman in front of me. All of a sudden she started shaking and said she needed to eat lunch (her assistant, "Betty Bong" also told her she HAD to eat but that she also HAD to leave at 4). So she finished with the lady in front of me and then it was my turn and then she went off to eat. I can't blame her...when I teach and I'm hungry and I get that feeling, I know ya gotta eat... *sigh* It just made me a little sad. I didn't get a picture with her. I really wanted one (for my journal). I didn't get to ask the 2 questions I wanted to ask her (When's Ernie Pook Comeek coming out? Would she ever do a class like this as an "art (cut/paste/paint/glitter/write) class? Oh-and would she ever reprint Two Sisters Comeek. I would LOVE to find a copy of that. I have all of her books except for It's So Magic (I can't find my copy and think I lost it in the move from Boston to L.A. years ago...). She did say that the people who didn't have their books signed that if they left them on their desks with a piece of paper sticking out, she'd sign the books. So, that was cool.

Everyone walked out with big smiles on their faces and light bulbs over their heads. Thanks Lynda (and "Betty Bong") for a fun-filled two days. My head is spinning.



Thanks to Jordan Crane for letting me go all fan-girl before class started. One of my most favorite books is
The Last Lonely Saturday (like a couple of other books, I get teary eyed just thinking about it) and Jordan was kind enough to sign it for me. (Funny thing is, I knew he'd be in class after I saw him go all fan boy (after I went fan girl) on Lynda at Comic Con!!! I LOVE seeing artists go ga ga over other artists.). Make sure you RUN over to Jordan's site and check out his work.


rscoach said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Kelly! I'm soooooo jealous - I wanted to take this class - maybe if she comes back to town - can't wait to hear all about it - want to see what you created sometime soon - xo reva

Sandy said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. I love it when people get to do things like this that make them happy. She is such a cute woman and I agree, the faces she makes are so cute.

Sorry you didn't get your pictures with her.

How did your cousin's surgery go?

Namowal said...

Good! Good! Good!
I see there's a picture of me (in the green shirt) holding What it is like it's a teddy bear. I wasn't aware I was doing that!

&rew said...

Glad to hear you had a blast! I do hope that you will get another chance to see her again and get your pictures taken with her...

seth said...

Even with that ending, this must have been quite the amazing experience!