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Monday, October 06, 2008

Home from Scottsdale!

Had a most awesome time (as always) teaching this weekend at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. GREAT group of ladies over the 3 days of 5 workshops. Fun. Fun. and MORE fun!!!!! I will be back there on Wednesday, November 5th from 6 to 8 p.m. teaching a bookbinding class. Just a quick one shot class while on my way to The Artists Nook in Bellvue, CO.
During Saturday's lunch break somehow Sprinkles kept getting brought up. So we all twisted each other's arms hard enough and jumped in the car and off we went! It was a hoot!!! TONS of fun and their chocolate peanut butter cupcake is to die for (the other cupcake flavors, not so much but chocolate peanut butter-two big frosted covered thumbs up! Mom, Tristan and I stopped this morning for cupcakes on the way home and the vanilla is wayyy too sugary. It's like eating pure sugar. I was buzzed the whole ride. (As far as desserts go, I'm vanilla or chocolate or both. That's pretty much it. I don't like fruit stuff as I prefer to eat real fruit instead of fruit dessert (though I do like Strawberry shortcake). I don't like custards or stuff like that. Vanilla Cake. Chocolate or vanilla Cupcakes. Chocolate chip cookies. Half Moons. Those are my desserts). Any ways, it was a fun day and visiting Sprinkles was a bonus!
I love this shot!!!! Check out their wicked cool blogs:
Artiphy The Heart
Life in the AZ Desert
Random Thoughts
How weird is this?!?! Barbara dumped out her paint water and we discovered this on the way back from Sprinkles:
Paper??? Stamps??? A few of our favorite things...to put in the Swatches books!!!!
Thanks again Debbie and the Gang for a FUN filled weekend. I'll post some other pictures this week!
Keri Smith's new book, How to Be an Explorer of the World is OUT. Picked it up this morning (kids' section) at Borders in Scottsdale (the computer lied and said it wasn't out yet! There it was sitting on the shelf!!)

I think rental cars equipped with some form of satellite radio and old time radio channels are the best thing ever for long road trips. Seriously.


Carmen said...

Love the heart, how cool is that! And that table full of "stuff", I could just dive in and get messy and creative.

crimsoncat05 said...

thanks for a really fun day, Kelly! (I still have paint under my fingernails that I can't get off...)

I'm definitely looking forward to taking the class in November!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Jennifer for coming to class!! I had a ton of fun and am looking forward to seeing everyone in November.
I just realized, I'm coming in on a Wednesday and that means peanut butter chocolate chip cupcakes at Sprinkles ;) (ha ha ha)

Barbara Hagerty said...

WOW, Kelly! Thanks for a great couple of classes! Too much fun! Can't wait till the next one! I might even have to have a chocolate/pnut butter cupcake!

Rosie said...

You had so much fun I just wish I could've been there!!! I am now trying to work out how I can move to the States!! Then I can get to meet Barbara and take workshops with you... *sighs*