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Friday, September 01, 2006

Ramblings on the
"Create, make a mess, paint the page, just do it and have no worries mentality"

Why would an artist want to think like that? Why would someone want to take a class and have the instructor tell them that?
Most people are paralyzed over the fear of "screwing up" or "not being able to do it right" or having their work "not look like 'insert Artist X here'".

Here are a few things I've learned over the years-

A. You can't screw it up. You can't mess it up. No matter HOW hard you try. It's paint. It's paper. You can let the paint dry and paint right over it. Remember-layer, baby, layer! Seriously, most people are afraid to even dive in and get their fingers messy and dirty. You can't be afraid. YOU WILL NOT MESS IT UP. I stress keeping an art journal. The more you are able to play in it, the more will come from what you learn by experimenting. Take classes-learn not only from the instructor, but from those around you in the class and from your own personal experiences. Take the class. Learn some new ideas and then take the ideas and see what you can do with them.

B. Most people compare their work to "Famous Person Artist X". Ok, in all honesty, you do not want to be, nor do you want your art to be looking like it was created by "famous person artist X", you want it to look like YOU did it. Make an art journal. Hell, don't even call it an art journal if that freaks you out, call it a play book. PLAY in the damn thing. Explore color, line, texure, composition, just PLAY. From playing, from creating, from finding the direction you want to take, the floodgates will open. But you have to PLAY. You can NOT compare what you do EVER with anyone else's work. You want your work to look like you made it. I cringe -utterly cringe- when my work is compared to someone else's. I have worked very hard to develop my own style and my own way of doing things. I don't want my work to look like "Famous Person Artist X", even if that person was Da Vinci! I want MY work to look like I made it. Remember, most of the stuff you see in the magazines and books has been tweaked-it is MADE FOR PUBLICATION. (not all of it, but most of it). Remember, true art journals are made FOR YOU, and you alone.

As an artist and an instructor, I work very hard so that you do learn new things in the classes, not only new techniques and new ideas but confidence. I hope that you will learn and understand that you *can* do it. You need to find that confidence that is deep down and buried inside yourself. Kick that inner art critic in the rear end and realize that you CAN do it. Just think of yourself as an art explorer...

Any ways, I'm rambling here but the thoughts have been going through my head over the years. Please take the classes-learn the ideas, share your ideas, PLAY, explore and experiment, but then go home and see what YOU can come up with. Push yourself. You *can* do it. Remember-everyone is an artist. Everyone has a unique way of doing something that no one else can do.

Now pull out that journal and go make a mess.


T2 said...

*Remember, true art journals are made FOR YOU, and you alone.*

KK, those are the wisest words anyone can utter when talking about journals of any kind. I've found too many folks who are creating pages for someone else.

Pretend that NO ONE will ever see it or even care. It's a JOURNAL, boys and girls, i.e. personal stuff in words and art, a diary with pictures, secret stuff that's nobodies bizness, share not, TMI, etc.

It's a journal...not an ATC.

You are on the mark, kiddo.

Bernie Berlin said...

I'm sorry I missed you at AU..
Thanks for being so sweet and caring about my situation:)
I've been meaning to send you a note, so here it is!!
Thanks a million for just being you..
In Blessings and Light..

sharyn said...

Love your advice and must say this is exactly what I have learned from taking classes with you. I now have a freedom and "liberation" in my work that I did not have before. Perhaps age has brought me a bit more confidence as well, I care alot less about what others think. I create for me, to let my voice be heard.
Thanks again for helping "liberate" me! See you in October.

Lisa said...

oh this is so ABSOLUTELY and POSITIVeLY what I needed to hear right now. I've been in a rut/block/funk whatever you want to call it... reading lots of book, blogs... and avoiding creating because I'm constantly battling the inner critic. I'm going to start working again my art journal to just explore. For my eyes only. Thank you for the encouragement! Just what the doctor ordered. :-)

melanie said...

Hi, Kelly... I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just love this post... such wise words!! I have found that playing around in my art journal is the best way to nurture my muse, silence my inner critic, gain confidence, and get over artist's block. No rules, no boundaries, no limits, I just play! Thanks for the inspiration.