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NEW: Finding the Magic: An Art Journaling PWYCW 30 September 2023 11 AM to 1 PM PDT

  NEW   Saturday, 30 September 2023 11 am-1 pm PDT:   Finding the Magic: An Art Journaling PWYCW a pay what you can workshop "My destination is always the same but I work out a different route to get there." -Matisse Art is transformative. As an artist, I'm always striving for real, raw and honest pages. I revel in using the same materials and searching for that special spark of excitement that I get when I put paper, paint or pen to the page. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. There is magic in art making. How do we retain that magic? How do we keep the spark in creativity? How do we evolve and learn as we do the work? Using every day experiences, we will embark on a personal journey of paper, paint, and pen to create expressive visual journal pages that are reflective of the hands and heart that created them. Create pages that are unique and honest. Learn how to use the minutiae of everyday life to gain insight into

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