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The Art Life: SUMMER CAMP EDITION: Registration for June Now Open

  Friends, we are going on the SIXTH month of The Art Life! For the summer, I thought I'd twerk, I mean, tweak it up a bit:  I am SUPER EXCITED to announce THE SUMMER EDITION of The Art Life!    WHO WANTS MORE DRAWING AND PAINTING?! ("I do! I do!")     Each month offers something NEW!   Summer edition? Wait a minute. How does that vary from what's already in The Art Life: Three LIVE, virtual (and recorded) sessions for $25 a month PLUS full access to ALL of The Art Life resources and our community! Think of it as an artist's buffet, take what you need and you are always welcome!     The Art Life SUMMER EDITION (said in the voice of the Movie Announcer Guy from the 80's movie trailers): brings THE ART LIFE SUMMER CAMP!    Summer: a time when we allow our senses to truly capture the moments: the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, touch... grab your acrylics, brushes and journal and let's open ourselves up to SUMMER and all of its glorious possibilities

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