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Thursday, December 10, 2015



Since 2009, I've offered an online class that starts on or around the New Year. I'm usually traveling and managing it while on the road visiting my family. This is the first year in over five years that we're not heading East for Christmas. It's the first year in over six years that I haven't announced a new online class. 

There is one in the works. I have something very new and very different planned (yes, paint, collage AND videos.) I am very excited and eager to share it with you but not just yet. 

I have three in person classes left for 2015 (San Diego, Torrance and L.A., I'm looking at you.) I am planning my time wisely. I am looking at new approaches to teaching and how I offer my classes. I am excited and bursting with new ideas and possibility. I am also looking forward to a little down time. 

I absolutely love teaching. It makes me happy. It feeds me on so many levels. The hardest part of teaching is not coming up with new ideas but finding new audiences and venues to present these offerings. 

Since 2007, it has become increasingly difficult to be a mixed media instructor, at least for me. I don't have sponsors and my supporters are my wonderful students who cheer me on by signing up for classes. I have been teaching in person classes since 1998. I've taught everywhere: rubber stamp stores, scrapbooking stores, art stores, conventions, retreats, private studios, living rooms, church basements, patios, schools (private and public from preschool to high school), home schooled children, a mental health facility and many more. Doors keep closing. I keep trying to find new ones to open. I'm not giving up.

As I work on my new online class, I'd love to hear what you look for in classes both online and in person. What do you want from a class? What do you want in a teacher? What do you want from me as an artist and teacher? Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your time.


Kristina W said...

Well, what I look for is what you do in your live classes - interaction with the teacher. It drives me nuts when online "instructors" just put a class out, and then you can never get help or advice or critiques. I end up going to the more experienced students for help. I mean, that just smells of greed, and you might as well say "This is self-study...I won't be around to help you." But, I know you're totally not like that - you are the awesome opposite. Just griping.

I also love it in videos when the teacher is creating the project for the camera, just like a live class. No speed ups - just me being able to see what you do and how you handle the next step in the process. That's actually a bonus over live classes - I can rewind the video as much as I want, to hone in on the details of what I'm trying to learn.

I also appreciate videos where the person isn't on camera - the camera is on a tripod over them, and so you'll see their hands, but otherwise, it's just the materials and the art.

I hope this helps. :)

Laura Komai said...

I'm looking forward to taking a class from you, in person, in October in California! I personally have found that I cannot take online workshops - I just don't have the time and focus to see things through. I really appreciate the learning and connection that happens in person. I have been spoiled by taking workshops at Valley Ridge in Wisconsin and having a hard time finding new possibilities that work with my schedule and geography. I really appreciate the way online workshops make things available to so many more people and aren't as demanding on one's budget but I learn best in person so I've kind of given up on taking online workshops after three different attempts which fizzled after only a few days. Also, I don't have internet access or computer in my studio so online workshops are a challenge. Looking forward to seeing where the year takes you!

Sandy said...

I'm excited to hear about the new class with videos! I need a jump start to get my groove back. I don't think I've done very much art journaling this year as in the years before. Just so busy with a wedding, school and dealing with pain. I'll be keeping my eye out for this one. I love all of your classes and really can't offer any insight. You're instructions are awesome, you put so much into each class, much more than most I've been in before. I hate to hear that so many doors are closing. I hope that opens more doors for you.

Emie58 said...

Complicated question b/c this is all based on what works for me... In person classes, I like it when the teacher keeps me moving giving little time for thinking about what I'm doing.... if there are a lot of choices to be made I find it hard to make a decision to commit to anything... stalling any progress. I really like videos for online classes... with a PDF to go along with it as an outline and reminder of what is in the class. While lifetime access to online classes sounds tempting to me... again, I find I really DO the class if there is a reasonable deadline. I've purchased many classes that I've never even looked at b/c of that.... and I've forgotten about them. I've also taken 4 week classes with an extra 2 weeks at the end to "catch up" and I find those difficult and would not sign up for one of those again. So, I guess, I like classes with access from 4-6 months? HTH, Emie

KrissyB said...

I'm SO looking forward to taking an on-line class from you, Kelly! I'd like to learn how to make my own journal with a simple binding method, and then I'd like to learn how you go about applying acrylic paints to the pages and adding the collage items and lettering. I would especially appreciate a video of how you choose your magazine images for collage and what magazines you purchase. I've taken several on-line classes from other artists, and I think it's important for the instructor to take their time explaining the supplies needed for the class. I'm sure you'll put together a great on-line class, and I'm looking forward to it!!