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Sunday, March 10, 2013

14 December 2012 Journal Page

A good morning with a couple of friends. Lots of journal time. A trip to the Larchmont Farmers Market. Time spent reading The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (yes, it was a book and yes, the film did a fabulous job with it. I could watch it every time it's on TV. I am loving the book. No, I've never seen the tv show.) Listening to Old Time Radio and Snap Judgment. More journal time. A day with my boys. All in all, it's a good way to spend a Sunday. I hope that your weekend is going well.

Though I still do not like Daylight Saving Time (if you know me, this has been my whining for the past few days.) I hope that your body acclimates to it better than mine does!


Monica said...

It really bothers me and I now have only the "difficult" clocks to change. So tomorrow I will be up far to early and crabby by nightfall. What a stupid idea.

Natasha said...

Our daylight savings is about to end. But I always hate when it starts. The extra hour they steal from me seems to make a huge difference! I an glad I am not the only one who whines about it!

Sounds like a very contented Sunday!

sharon said...

I love that it stays light out so much longer here, I can work in the garden longer which I love, but my body loves the night, and i never sleep enough, so it kills me to lose an hour! I will drag all week.
I love your page and how you have created the movement with the arches.I have never been much of a pink person, but the more I visit here, the more the box in my mind is opening, it's growing on me!

Rita A. said...

Thank heavens we don't do DST in Arizona. We got something right. I love the partial arc on this page. It really moved my eyes around.

Kate Burroughs said...

I am sooooo happy to be in Hawaii where we do NOT practice Daylight Savings Time. So we are now 3 hours behind Pacific Time, instead of 2. Lovely not to have to adjust. The sunrise/sunset time changes of its own accord, as the sun changes its position.
Aloha, Kate