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Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012 in pictures (with a few words)

In the Petco Parking Lot Overlooking the tents for Hall H
The Two of Us Happy to be Attending!
Adventure Time!
Photo Happy
Neal Adams
Eddie Campbell
Jill Thompson
Tom Morello
Night Bridge!

In Line for Hall H (thought we had no hope as the line snaked through the tents (as seen above), across the street, down the street, around the lawn and wayyy back to where we were along the waterfront almost near the Hilton (little did we know that we hadn't seen ANYTHING yet). Luckily, we did get in and even met some friends along the way!
Tim Burton

Sam Raimi
Jackie Chan (sooo many people didn't know that he was there! Sorry for the crappy pictures but he wouldn't stand still. We were SO excited to see him. We even overheard Matt Groening say the next day, "JACKIE CHAN WAS THERE?")

Love BBC's Sherlock series (was so happy to see Martin Freeman on Saturday!)

Cute Cosplay!
Sergio Aragones
Dave McKean

Gilbert Shelton
Eddie Campbell! I was quite happy to see Eddie again and to have him sign my copy of Alec: The Years Have Pants. He's always one of my favorite artists to see and I was quite happy to see him at the Top Shelf Booth as it has been a couple of years since his last trip to SDCC.
Brecht Evens Signs at the Drawn and Quarterly Booth for Matt Groening as Tom Devlin looks on (fingers crossed that a certain comic comes to fruition via D and Q as they know how to do things RIGHT!)
Brecht Evens hands Matt Groening his copy of "The Making Of" (a MUST HAVE!)
Brecht Evens (this man is amazing. Seriously. Follow his blog. Buy his books. Now. Trust me. (Brecht, I hope that you made it home in time to catch some of your 10 day party!)
Hey the Tick and Arthur!
Roger Langridge

Frankenweenie prop sets (these were AMAZING. I hope that they come out with a line of toys for it with tiny sets. Check out the bottles of paint and Elmer's glue in the back cabinet!)
Jay and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) at the Batman Cars

The Biggest Goddamn Line That I Have EVER Stood In. Seriously. We think that the line may have been over a mile long and I'm not kidding. It's to get into Hall H.
More of Hall H line (see how far we are?!) We really learned WHY it should definitely be called HELL HALL.

The People in Line Behind Us (the line snaked into this area.)
SUCCESS! We didn't think that we were going to get in. We were some of the last few who made it into the Hall before the panels started. We stayed in these seats from 11:30 a.m. until after 7 p.m. (except to stand in another line to go to the bathroom and to check out the line for the food. Think food prices in the convention center are nuts? Try Hall H as they know that you are TRAPPED and unless you bring food, be prepared to shell out big bucks.) We moved closer to the front after Iron Man to see Kevin Smith.

Quentin Tarantino!

The Great Guillermo Del Toro (Visiting Bleak House is High On My Wish List of Things That Will Probably Never Happen But After The Line From Hell, I Won't Give Up Hope.) I can't wait to see Pacific Rim!
Zack Snyder!
Peter Jackson! (Love this Man!)

Edgar Wright Teased Us With Test Footage from Ant-Man

Jon Favreau (Never Gets Old Seeing Him!)

Robert Downey, Jr for Iron Man 3 made one HELL of an entrance (check it out here!) We were at the panel for the first Iron Man so it was super awesome to be there for the latest film!

Kevin Smith Takes Over Hall H
Last Day of SDCC 2012! In Line to Get Into the Exhibit Hall
Seeing This NEVER Gets Old Either!
The Many "Faces" of Iron Man in Movies
Art Baltazar and Franco at the DC Booth. We stopped by their booth earlier and not only are they both extremely talented but they are super nice. Run, don't walk, and pick up their books!

Trevor Von Eeden was wonderful to meet. He was very kind and sketched "Black Lightning" for us in our sketchbook! Sweet!
Emi Lenox of Emitown Fame! (She graciously went out of her way to meet me at the Image Booth. Yay!)
The Madness of The Exhibit Hall on a Sunday Afternoon
The Last Sketch of SDCC 2012 was at Top Shelf  of Owly by Andy Runton. Andy's the best! He is always so nice to Tristan.
Some Highlights:

Seeing Eddie Campbell (especially at the Sunday Press Booth.)

Watching Brecht Evens paint.

Andy Runton remembering Tristan (and us! His first words were, "Hey guys! Eddie's here!")

Standing in line next to several big name creators as they had their favorite artists sign or sketch in their books. 

Seeing several new books to put on my wish list (like this one.

Discovering what's on the other side of the convention center (a little park!) (It's a positive way of looking at the Line From Hell on Saturday! My feet didn't like it but I was so happy that the sun stayed away for quite a while so we didn't get burned.)

Dinner at night on the patio of the Fox Grill. The food was eh but the view was cool!

Walking around the Gaslamp district early in the morning when it's quiet (I don't like the craziness of the crowds at night.)

Running into Kevin Smith at the Batman car exhibit (Jay was there, too!)

Robert Downey, Jr's entrance into Hall H. 

The surprise panel for The Campaign. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. 

Taking my shoes off at the end of the day and being able to put my feet up!

My own bed after a few days of lumpy mattress hell!

My Boy's excitement and happiness to be there.

A small reprieve from an extremely sad month. There were several times that I went to call my Dad to tell him what had happened or let him know how we were doing and my heart broke when I remembered that he's gone and that I couldn't make the call (he called every day and his daily phone calls are missed by quite a few of us.) I had a little meltdown in the car on Friday afternoon but David has been so sweet and loving that after a look in the mirror and seeing a puffy red nose, I decided me sobbing in the car wasn't fair to him as time at Con is short and sweet so I wiped away the tears, took his hand and walked back into the convention center. It was nice to have a very happy five days that kept me busy and constantly on the go. I can't wait until SDCC 2013! For now, I'm resting my feet, my back and I'll be trekking weekly to my local comic shops until then.

UPDATE: JULY 18, 2012:
David's version of SDCC 2012 is here complete with SDCC experienced through his eyes and different photos!


HappyDayArt! said...

Really, you make me want to go too!

Loved reading this and keeping tabs on you while you were there. I wanna go, I wanna go!


brigitte said...

great pics! glad you had such a good time.

eli said...

This looks like pure joy and pleasure! Even taking your shoes off hahaha!

Merrick Dunphy said...

AMAZING! AMAZING!!! You just reminded me -- I need to look for John Scalzi's reading of his new Old Man's War book... he promised it'd be at ComiCon.

Amanda said...

Wow, I'm so jealous!! So many celebs in one spot!

Steven Ng said...

Glad to read of your time at SDCC, especially your meetings with artists. That remains my central reason for going every year.