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Thursday, January 19, 2012

7 January 2012 Journal Page

I love the above page. It's made up of mostly found papers (with the exception of the piece of tape, two small bits of scrapbook paper and the piece of vellum paper) from magazines, books, soap labels (the white and pink text along the left side of the page). I really had fun with the layout on this page. I love exploring images that aren't people that I can use symbolically in my work. I tend to gravitate towards images of women, hands and hearts but I also like objects from around the home as well. I use these images to stand for my feelings and thoughts, they quietly mean something to me and I tend to gravitate towards them.

One odd quirk about me, I don't use x-acto knives. Knowing me, I'll cut my finger off or even worse! I tend to cut things out with my scissors (tonic makes my favorite pair of scissors.) I've tried x-acto knives many, many times and I am just not very handy or patient with them. There's something about cutting out a detailed image with a pair of scissors that I find oddly relaxing.

In other news, I added my profile to Seek Your Course
. It's a website to find instructors and classes in your area (as well as list your class information if you are an instructor). You can find out more information here. I haven't added any testimonials to the page as I have hard time with stuff like that. If anyone wants to leave any comments on this post about any of my classes, I would greatly appreciate them.


Brian Kasstle said...

Are the Tonic scissors the Tim Holtz ones? I am thinking they are. I use those and have turned more people on to them. They use them once and say "I MUST HAVE THESE scissors!!!! They just fit your hand.

Monica said...

I went to that page and it was all CA. There was no where to comment.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Brian, yes, you can use the tonic ones or the ones with Tim's name on them. I love how they fit into my hand, too.

Monica, thank you! There isn't a place there to leave comments. I was asking if folks don't mind leaving comments about my classes on this post and I can copy and paste them over at Seek Your Course. Thank you!!!