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Thursday, July 21, 2011

19 July 2011 Journal Page

I haven't had the sit down time that I was hoping to have to journal. Here's a page that I did the night before Comic-Con.

It's now Thursday night and I'm sitting in the hotel room with half of a sunburn on my arms, chest, neck and shoulders (another sleeveless maxi dress). We ran around like loons trying our damndest to get gold bricks that may have tickets inside to attend the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens. It's not easy. We finally did get "gold bricks" but no tickets inside. We haven't given up hope, yet. We did spend half of our day trying to get them, including waiting outside for about two hours (in the shade). I was the only one who got burned. I don't enjoy the chase part of these things, especially witnessing people running like hell through crowded areas to try to get a gold brick.

On the other hand, Tristan has been very lucky this year. Last night we each won a Green Lantern Lego mini figure. Today, I won a Batman one. There are only 1,500 made with exclusive printing. Both times we had people offer to buy them from us immediately. I told Tristan I'd trade one for 3 tickets to see Cowboys and Aliens (ebay scalpers are selling the Lego mini figures for several hundred dollars each. Crazy!!) He also is a Brony (a male fan of the new My Little Pony). He's been wanting a My Little Pony poster and got one. He's also been able to score a Peanuts pin daily. He's happy.

We were able to see a bit of the Alex Nino panel. His big news is that he has a new book coming out next year. His panel focused on questions from the audience. It was refreshing to have a panel where the main focus wasn't selling you something.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Hall H (aka Hell Hall) where we saw Guillermo del Toro (twice!!! Totally worth it. I love that man. They are going to publish a book of his "Bleak House" complete with some of his sketch book pages. I can't wait!) My favorite quote from Guillermo del Toro was when he was talking about how so many people strive for perfection and how monsters are like a big fuck you to that. I loved it. Oh, did I mention that Bleak House has a room that rains 24/7? I'd be in Heaven. He also said that the Haunted Mansion was the most prime piece of real estate in the world. I agree. I could live there quite happily!

We also saw panels for Drive (Memento's Guy Pearce was there), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (looks quite promising), Prometheus (live satellite feed of Ridley Scott was cool), and In Time (Justin Timberlake was there).

Robert Rodriguez did a panel with a bunch of announcements including working with the Frank Frazetta estate, plans for a Frazetta museum in Austin, TX, new Heavy Metal, and more. He had visuals but it was just one P.R. piece after the other.

My favorite panel was the Visionaries with Guillermo del Toro and Jon Favreau. Those two are a hoot together. I've never understood why the Visionaries panel never has more people in it. I always love to hear the directors talk about their work.

We're hoping to get in to see Tintin tomorrow, Green Lantern (Tristan), and Steranko. I also have a bunch of books we'd like to meet some artists and see if they'll sign them.

My feet and sunburn are throbbing, I'm off to bed! G'night!


Sandy said...

So glad ya'll are having fun. It sounds like a blast with sore feet. But worth it when it's over. Have a great rest of CC.

Mary Dean said...

Glad you are having such a good time. I LOVE this journal page! Very cool!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the update. I'm having so much fun reading about your adventures. Even if I don't know who ALL the characters are. Hubby and I have a date to see Cowboys and Aliens on the 29th...when it opens here. In Austin, TX. YAY! You look cute in your cowgirl hat!

Anonymous said...

hang in there and have all the fun you can for folks who are living vicariously thru you and Tristan!!!
missy from the bayou

Carmen said...

Just found you via Pinterest! What a day! I have never heard the term Brony but I love it :D