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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

1 February 2011 Journal Page and Some Pen Stuff

First-the good news, THE REFRIGERATOR is here! YAY!! Happy dance! It's brand, spanking new! It is a bit bigger than the previous fridge (um, they never measured before they ordered-of course!) but at least it's here and it's working. Now to fill it up! YAY!

Fyi, Sharpie has the waterbased paint markers on their website but only in fine and medium. Extra fine is no longer listed (SOB!). Nor do they have the waterbased pens in hot pink anymore. Sooo, what's a girl to do? I'm going to do what I've been doing lately and use Posca Paint Markers. I have several of their pens and they are damn good. Same ink (or pretty damn close) to the Sharpie Paint markers. They're available in a variety of colors and tip sizes (including extra fine PINK). I've ordered mine from Durable Supply. I also see that Jetpens.com has some of them (but not all) and I know that Kinokuniya in L.A. and San Francisco have them.

A quick reminder, I have TWO classes scheduled this week at Stampin From The Heart. I hope to see YOU there!


Barbara said...

I love how those two pages look together. Is the face on the left side a stencil?

Enjoy your new refrigerator. It's so much fun to fill up a brand new one for the very first time, huh? Your talking about them jogged my memory of my very FIRST one...it was PINK with copper shelves. It was so adorable. Can't remember the brand, think it might have been G.E.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Barbara! No, it's not a stencil. I think it's from an ad someone gave me. Filing up a new fridge is fun! ;)

Sandy said...

Congrats on the new fridge. I love your page. I had to click on it because at first to me it looked like the side of a person with flowers on top of their head. I have no idea why that's what I saw. Love all the little details you use on your pages.

Nicole Austin said...

wait, don't they still sell the extra fine sharpies at (big craft chain store that starts with an "M")? does this mean they're discontinuing? hope not! cool pages, too!

Monica said...

thanks for the information on Sharpie. After reading your pen recommendations i found Sharpie PP at Office Depot but they were out the next time. Michael's does carry them as well as a generic brand that's OK.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Here's the thing-

Sanford discontinued the waterbased poster paint pens a couple of years ago.

In 2010, Michaels was given an exclusive test run of the "new" (not really, they just took the word poster from the name) pens and called them paint pens. The pens are (or were) in a trial run last year. Depending upon how well they sold, Sanford would continue making them.

At the same time, you could still find poster paint pens (in a variety of colors and tip sizes) in various locations as Sanford made hundreds of thousands of them.

My guess is that they sold well enough at Michaels but only in the fine and medium tip points, so Sanford has discontinued extra fine along with certain colors. Sad.

Posca pens are the same as Sanford and in extra fine and similar colors to what Sanford is no longer making.

All that said, you will probably be able to find them at Michaels and other locations until they sell out. After that, you will only see them in select sizes and colors.

I do NOT recommend stocking up on the white. It is the only pen where the ink separates and does funky things.

I only buy water based. I do not like oil based products. :)