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Friday, August 06, 2010

12 July 2010 journal page

Having a great time teaching at Art Unraveled, as always. I love my students. They really are THE BEST! :D

So, I received an interesting phone call the other day. A local art shop owner emailed me and told me that the Sharpie Water-based Paint markers (NOT the ones labeled poster paint) are "test" pens being sold only at the "M" Store (you know, the big box store that I don't like to support...I like to give my business to Mom and Pops instead). It's a test run through the end of this year. Their availability is dependent upon how well they sell at the "M" store. Very interesting, indeed. Our local CA "M" store has them locked in the front in a glass case so unless you know about them...

Speaking of Mom and Pop shops, one of my favorite tape vendors is Ginko Papers. They are a mail order company based out of Los Angeles. They have new tape!! I am salivating over the new designs. Check 'em out here. I placed my order last night. I can't wait!

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I've been asking this for years...how much food is thrown away. Daily. In every city across America...by every grocery store. How there really is no food shortage. There's plenty of food to go around. It's the way that things are set up...


Viki said...

Tons of food is thrown away daily. that corn could have been husked and put out for sale, which is what our local store does.
However, spotty fruit, brown spotty bananas and anything that the past due date is trashed or sent to KY Harvest. Most fresh stuff is good for days after that date on the pkg, canned food for ages after that date...There is lots of food out there.
Is it a liability issue?
A lazyness issue?
a lot of food like this gets to the food kitchens in our area due to Ky Harvest. Volunteers pick up food at the end of business day to take to food kitchens and food banks.
When I lived in Alaska when ever a moose was hit by a train (it happens fairly often)the locals would take it and it would be given to those in need. A good policy.

Kelly Kilmer said...

It's a profit issue. Thinking in terms of making a profit vs keeping someone alive and healthy (good food, fruits and veggies). It's the same thing with the bookstores. I used to work for a big box bookstore. Everyday tons of books and magazines would have their covers ripped off. The covers would be sent back to the publishers for a percentage back. The rest of the book THROWN AWAY. NOT recycled. NOT donated. TOSSED IN THE TRASH. It's the same thing with food. Someone hasn't bought it? Throw it away.