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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Book Love

I'm totally blaming Ro Bruhn for this next bit. The other day on her blog she mentioned this book-Etcetera, etc by Sibella Court

See the pictures on Ro's blog? Yeah, well, the whole book is like that. Guess who went nuts trying to find it?

yup, me.

Amazon. No. Amazon Australia doesn't exist. Amazon UK, the book is due out in 2010 and I'm not waiting that long. I almost ordered it from Australia. I thought about it and emailed Sibella.
She was awesome. I don't think I've ever had anyone email me back so fast-within minutes.
She told me she would send me a copy if I couldn't find one in the US and that Anthropologie
was selling the book in the U.S. I phoned our local store (at the Grove) and the woman couldn't find it. I phoned their 800 number and the clerk who answered patiently tracked down a copy of the book for me. They don't have it in stock in their catalog, you have to call each store to see if they have it. Luckily, the Beverly Hills store had it. A little tip-if you do go to the Beverly Hills store make sure know that they have moved to a new location on Beverly Drive. Also, don't go running down there fifteen minutes before they close as finding a parking space in that area isn't fun at 645 p.m. Nor is walking up and down Beverly Drive trying to find N. Beverly vs S. Beverly.

Did I find it?


Was it well worth the trouble?


Am I recommending it?

A resounding YES YES YES.

I started reading it last night. It's very well written loaded with ideas not only for interior design but ART ideas. Ideas on LOOKING and SEEING. It's full of inspiration. Pages of color, texture and pattern. It LOOKS like an art journal. It's also nice and FAT. Did I mention it's hardcover (another plus in my book)? Every time I've flipped the pages I've noticed something new. I am hoping that the book becomes available more widespread in the U.S. as it's something that would be quite inspiring to folks who aren't solely interested in interior design. Even the woman at the counter asked if I was an art student and needed it for a project. I smiled and said something along the lines of how it was for me (though, yes, we are all art students and forever learning).

While I'm salivating over books, you need to run on over to the Uppercase blog and check out the teaser of Camilla Engman's book that is due out in late November. I can't wait to get my grubby paws on a copy of it.


Ben said...

Gorgeous! That book is amazing. I swore I had stopped buying books.....but, um, I am off to Anthropologie:) Only four blocks from my house. Crossing my fingers they have one. Thanks Kelly!

martha brown said...

this looks like a super cool book...... I'm going to call my local Anthro stores and see if they carry it.....

taylor said...

So how am I going to get this book? No fair. xxoo the whiner.

Renee Troy said...

Thanks for that, Kelly. I hope the book will inspire me as well. I'll check back with you.

Sally said...

Hi, Kelly, I just read this blog post last night. And then today I happened to be in an Anthropologie store. They had a big stack of these books on the table as I walked in. I HAD to buy it. It's wonderful and I'm so glad you made the recommendation!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Kelly you really went to major trouble to find this book. I bought it in an Angus and Robertson book shop here in Oz. I love it, Sibella writes it so well and the pages look as if they are straight out of a journal.
Sorry I put you so much trauma but I think you'll find it's worth it. Thanks for the link to my blog too. Happy reading