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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nesting on Main and the best frickin' mail art book EVER

So my sister, Tristan and I ventured to Concord, MA yesterday on the advice of my friend, Marissa. We ate lunch at Main Streets Market and Cafe. My turkey, cranberry and stuffing wrap was delicious. After lunch, we parted ways so that Tristan and his Aunt could explore the toy store, shoe store, etc... and that I could get my hands on some cool stuff at Nesting on Main. I wasn't disappointed. Oh. My. God. The store is amazing. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. It's so dang cool looking too. Treasures in every corner. I was overwhelmed, but on a mission. The goods that I found are below. I wonder if I'll have any time or money left for a trip back there next week before I go home on Wednesday. Wow.
On the way home, we stopped by a couple of stores including Barnes and Noble where I snagged the last copy of Good Mail Day. It's sitting in my lap as I write this. I can't stop looking at this. It's definitely one of the most eye catching books I have bought all year. I frickin' love it. Check out the rockin' PodPost gals whose zines I have raved about before. My eyes keep seeing new things every time I look at the pages. Run. Do not walk. You need it. You know you do.
I really really really wish I lived in NY or could win the lottery for just enough money to cover the trek to NYC for just one day just to be able to go to see this.

Don't forget, I will be teaching at The Stamp Act in Whitman, MA THIS weekend with FOUR new classes. More info here.


Viki said...

I adore the finds you bought at Nesting!
I have one of those little diary books. I haven't done anything with it. What will you do with yours?

Lori Wostl said...

NYC for a day or a week sounds good, surely you could do some classes there?

I'm off to check out the book at B&N

Outstanding Stranger said...

Always love seeing what you are up to Kelly....when I can keep up...You are on busy lady..Hugs, Diane

MoominMama said...

What a lovely blog, and so very inspiring!
Really looking forward to reading more. :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

I collect old diaries ;) and journals.

I'm looking into teaching classes in NY/NYC area. I'm always open to suggestions.

Thanks for the kind words.

LOVE MOOMIN!!! Who doesn't?!?! ;)

Sandy said...

If you think thats good you have to come here in the spring for the Brimfield Fair. There are miles of amazing antiques and "stuff". I was at the store last week. I bought the same journal year I think it was 1923 from the same man. Did you buy the last 2 or just one?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sandy, i only bought the 1. I was tempted to buy all 3, but they were $10 ea ;)

crimsoncat05 said...

what a great haul, and a super-interesting shop!!! I especially love the vintage snapshots.

T and J said...

I ordered the mail art book - it was calling my name..... LOUDLY!

Seth said...

Thanks for the rec Kelly. Looks like another must have book.