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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"What good are notebooks?"

One of my favorite musicians, Mr. David Byrne (in the above song, Life During Wartime) asks, "What good are notebooks? They won't help me survive."

Mmmm...I dunno. Mine can be a lifeline some times. My catch alls. My hopes. My dreams. My good days. My shitty crappy days. My moments. My keeper of my sanity. My little blip of time on this planet contained in the pages of a book.

Here's the end of the book that I promised you. I'll be showing you my new journal tomorrow. I added a photo album of my May journal to the right hand side of the page. It's a slideshow of the entire month's journal. You can ask my husband who Randolph Stoddard is (click on each of those two names for an idea).LOL. Film buff that he is... ;)

I'll also be picking up a couple of hell raisers from the airport in the morning. I can not wait for the fun to begin. The shops in So CA better be prepared for us. The hotel better have a nice big ol' table for makin' art. Here we come!!!


crimsoncat05 said...

whew... I thought for a minute there that YOU were asking what good are notebooks, and I was really confused- it's too early in the day to do that to me, Kelly!!

sounds like you have a great weekend in store with your visitors!

Els said...

HOO-yah...nothing like David Byrne in the morning to get yer artistic juices FLOWING. I used to claim I owned the rights to all things Byrne, so enchanted was I with his myriad visions. If I'm lagging; if I've got the slows, all I have to do is queue up some circa 1991 Talking Heads and I am suddenly proPELLed forward.

This ain't no party...this ain't no disco...this ain't no foolin' around...

Letting the days go by - let the water hold me down..

Anonymous said...

Your May journal...awsome!!
I love it when you post these pictures of the whole journal taken from the side...so enticing..you just want to hold it and feel it and flip through the pages in slow motion and then DO IT AGAIN..
..and oh yes...notebooks...the key for survival...other than that I love byrne's lines...

Jeane Frizzell said...

Hell raisers huh? I like the company you keep! :)