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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Darcy's Swatch Book

My friend, Darcy, commissioned me to make her a Swatches book. I hope she likes it!!

I do not need this. I do not need this. I do not need this.


I really do not need this, but the idea of a pink Buddha giving the peace sign makes me smile.

Last, but not least, I can't let this slide-California, you made me very sad that I live here yesterday. Damnit! WTF? Equality for all.


Whitney said...

Hi Kelly!
I know I haven't left a comment on your site before but there's an award for your site on my blog! I LOVE your site! Such inspiration! Hope you can check it out! Thanks for being awesome!
Much Love,

M said...

The camera beats your last book post. Is it a Polaroid? How hard is it to get film for it?
I heard on NPR this morning that bloggers in Iowa are suggesting people move there since same sex marriage is legal. can you believe it? Iowa is more progressive than CA? It puts my home state to shame but it's not surprising. When heterosexuals perfect marriage... Most of my gay friends have relationships that have lasted longer than my mine ever did!

Mindy said...

Have you been back over to the Voodoo Cafe since you commented? There is quite the raging debate over there and I have to admit I got wrapped up in it. lol

I, too, am disgusted with California. People shouldn't have the right to legislate relationships. It's ridiculous. Let's just hope this makes its way to the Supreme Court of the US. It's hardly constitutional denying these people equal treatment under the law.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Whitney for the kind words. I emailed you and stopped by your blog!!

I don't know anything about the camera other then what I posted ;)
The cameras-I thought about them, really want them BUT the other thing that's interesting is that if you have a digital camera and a photo printer or even a photo program on your 'puter at home, you should be able to print out pix that size any way. They are cute but so damn expensive and I wonder if I would be able to get the film again. I wonder if they will be eventually brought here to the US.

The whole thing yesterday was insane and so wrong...We heard helicopters hovering over head for almost all day and late into the night as the people marching from We Hollywood San Vicente and Santa Monica to Hollywood's Hollywood and Highland and then back again to West Hollywood. Makes me so sad. LOL Hard to believe Iowa is more progressive!

Kelly Kilmer said...


LOL Yes, I've been over there a few times to read what people are saying ;)

I agree with your last post-it is semantics.

Art to me is all about expressing yourself. It's NOT about getting published. It's NOT about selling stuff. It's NOT about making a name for yourself. It's about unfolding and expressing yourself onto the page, canvas, whatever the hell it is you're working on. I know where anonymous is coming from, but don't agree with everything...

Mindy said...

I agree and I feel like comments like that are what make people stop creating. I don't care if I never get published or never display what I do. I do it for my own soul. I do it because sometimes I feel like if I don't express myself I will burst.

Anonymous said...

These are magnificent Kelly.

Renee said...

Guaranteed your friend loved it.


Love Renee xoxo