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Friday, March 06, 2009

3/3 and 3/4 journal pages

About a week and a half ago, I started to walk across the street to mail a letter. I got half way across the street, looked up and realized "Where the hell is the damn mailbox?!?!?" So, this morning after seeing an elderly gentleman go to where the box used to be and try to post a letter and having a rather confused look on his face, I thought I'd phone 1-800-ask-usps. heh heh. yeah. So, I give them a buzz. Now, it's 8:20 a.m. and I've been awake for about an hour but the brain isn't 100% on yet. The automated voice asks me how it can route my call. "I dunno, what classifies missing dropbox?" I think as I pound the 0 key a few times. Finally a human picks up and I tell her my dilemma, "I'd like to report a missing mailbox."

"Do you think it was stolen?", she asks...

Remember, I'm not 100% awake and I say, "It's a possibility though I doubt it. It's pretty big. It's one of those big blue drop boxes."

at which we both crack up laughing.

Bring back the mailbox! We have a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood and this is a heavily frequented box!


My friend, Sandy posted about her friend, Jamie and Jamie's new blog. Jamie was recently diagnosed with MS and is in need of some help right now!! She's got some really cool art pieces up on ebay. Check out her blog for more info!!!


Sandy said...

I really love these pages. Did you journal on a page and then add it on top of another? That's what it looks like to me. Too cool.

I hope they bring back the big blue. How sad for that poor man. They really shouldn't confuse people like that

Thanks for posting about Jamies ebay auctions. :)

Megan Warren said...

ROFL! - sorry to hear about your missing post box - hope they find it!

Artzy Diva said...

I can just picture someone stealing a Big Blue Drop-box. ;D Would they stick it under their coat, perhaps???? Too bad they took it away. Why did the PO take it if it's heavily used??? Doesn't make sense.

Love the journal pages. What caught my eye even more was the Watchmen screening pass in the background that has your name on it!

Thanks for the info about Jamie's ebay. I'll def check it out.

Kelly Kilmer said...

oh, re-watchmen passes...i took the pictures in a hurry and then said, oh crap, someone will see and ask-lol

'free' tickets from the huge pile at the comic shop-'free' to everyone who registered online and no one was guaranteed a seat-they overbook those kinda things. we didn't go because the director himself is saying it's a HARD R and since he's got 6 kids, i figured i'll listen to him. ;) if david and i see it, it will be without tristan. i won't even let him read it-not yet. too young. plus, there's a longer version-not even the director's cut due out summer...woo hoo!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I can just see you Kelly, going to the mail box and saying "what the ()_+@ !?, where's the damn mail box???"

Shoshanah said...

lol that is toooo funny! i hope the mystery is solved and that the box is returned.

btw, i also noticed the watchman pass...was that like a find waldo thing for us? ; )

Kelly Kilmer said...

Shosh, read the comment about what you left-i took the pictures in a hurry and then said oh crap, someone's going to point out the watchmen tickets and think i got them in some special way when i'm just like everyone else in l.a. trying to get tickets and the seats were not guaranteed-they overbook the theaters...and we didn't go. tristan can't see the film...even the director who has 6 kids is saying NO KIDS in this movie. after reading the book and knowing that snyder soups everything up, i'd agree...

candy said...

beautiful pages, lovely colors