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Saturday, January 03, 2009

more journal pages...

We went out for a few hours yesterday, hitting most of our favorite haunts. Our first stop was Golden Apple Comics on Melrose. Tristan picked up the latest issue of Cartoon Network Block Party. So, here's where the weird thing happened. We left the parking lot of Golden Apple and turned right to drive down the alley out onto La Brea. As we drove by where the Golden Apple owners and others park their cars I noticed that one of the cars (a BMW SUV) had their window smashed, the car alarm was blaring *AND* there was a GUY RUNNING into his car. Oh shit!!!! So I stop our car and yell at David GET HIS LICENSE PLATE ('cause remember I'm trying to drive and get away from this guy). It's a small black sport type car with no front plates. The guy FLIES down the OTHER alley in his car-FLIES as in, doesn't give a shit that there's a school in the alley OR if any other cars were coming down the side street as he sped OUT of the alley. I'm still in the driver's seat mouth wide open.

In the meantime, another car is trying to drive down the alley. I back up (totally ignoring the fact that this car is in my way) and pull into the area where the car was smashed. The lady who works (owns??) the nail salon is standing by her car. I don't think she realized at all what happened or that her car had been broken into. She shut her alarm off and went to go back inside. I said "Wait!! Is this new? Did this just happen?" pointing to the window. She says "Oh my God." and I relate the story to her of the guy (who I really did not see at all nor were we able to get his plate-I don't think he had plates on the car. He was FLYING). I don't know if he was trying to get her comforter in the back seat, the beer in the back seat or steal her car. I gave her my number "just in case" even though I didn't see anything of any real use. I still can't believe it.
Tristan's still talking about it the next day.

Afterwards, we drove to Skylight Books in Los Feliz (didn't buy anything). We ate at Fred 62. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing though in my little opinion, it was expensive. It was a first and a last. On to the Glendale Galleria (ugh) to visit the Lego store for Tristan (where he didn't find what he wanted to buy with the $ that is burning a hole in his pocket), Target (bought large plastic bags to make up some collage grabbags since I've had a few requests for them) and JCPenney (UGH WHY are there still so many people shopping at the mall? It was packed and I HATE the mall) where we tried to get pants for David but they weren't ringing up at the price they were supposed to be so I just left. It was too hot and I hate arguing with sales people. I'll order the damn pants online.

Next stop Borders. YAY! New Cloth Paper Scissors. I also saw someone looking at the newest Somerset Studio AND CPS. I NEVER see anyone reading my magazines so I was checking out to see if she was buying anything else. LOL!!! I found Bird Songs from Around The World for only $6 (because it was falling apart) and Wise Women for $5. Tristan picked up the newest Nick magazine and David bought a bargain book on comics for $14 with the coupon. Bargain shopping at its best!!!

Last stop, was one of my most favorite bookstores, Iliad Books in North Hollywood. I found some Taschen books I was looking for-Roses and Garden at Eichstatt (yay); a book for a friend in Massachusetts with her name on it (I couldn't resist..it was from 1894 and it is a book with her name as the title); a reader with my parents' names on it: Jack and Jane (how funny is that) and, for a $1, Love Among The Butterflies. Lots of treasures!

Speaking of treasures, my friend Jeane has started an etsy shop. You can visit her here.

On the nightstand the last couple of days keeping me up until 1:19 a.m. a couple of nights in a row (LOL I should play the lottery as it's weird when I see that I'm looking at the clock the exact same time...) is David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day.


Artzy Diva said...

Holy cow! What an experience. Glad you didn't get too tangled up in it.

Vickie said...

I found you quite by accident! I love your journal pages, they are so well done. Sounds like you had quite an adventure.

Citygirl-Em said...

OMG, Kelly, I love David Sedaris, and that is truly one of his funniest books. I loved Naked, too...This past year I finished Engulfed in Flames, which wasn't his best, but still was good because it was David Sedaris.

Enjoy and laugh yourself to sleep!

~Barb~ said...

Super pages! I always enjoy your pages so much. You make me realize how I need to take pics of my new pages, too. I have now made a promise to myself to do just that first thing in the morning (hold me to that, will ya? lol).
Peace & Love,

Sandy said...

Great pages Kelly. Good for you for stopping and going to tell the lady. Same thing I would have done. More people should do the same and we'd have less criminals in our world. I won't even get started on that one.

Sounds like you had a great day of shopping and not so much fun at the mall. I don't like malls either. LOL

Thanks for the link to Jeane's Etsy. I found something I like there. Great stuff. :D

And so glad you stopped by Target. Have a great Sunday.

anna maria said...

I think Me Talk Pretty One Day is hilarious, and his funniest book.

Love your pages, as always.

Karenann Young said...

How do you do it all??? You've had a very busy and exciting start of the new year, plus doing your on-line class, plus, plus!!! I haven't even had time to look at your blog until now! I'm amazed and in awe of all!!! My head is spinning! Love your journal pages!!! Here and in your class!!!