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Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 8, 2009 journal pages

I'm teaching tomorrow (Sunday) in San Diego at the Stamp Addict. I feel better but still not up to par. Tristan heads back to school on Monday so I promised him I'd take him to a couple of favorite places today.

OH! The Post Office issued Edgar Allen POE stamps!! Woo hoo! Tristan had to send out thank you cards and we're standing at the PO yesterday. He keeps saying "I want Star Wars stamps" (you know, he is almost 12 and he likes to be funny). The woman tries to sell us Oregon stamps. I tell her that I just want the heart stamps (I love Oregon but the stamps of states are boring to me). She pulls out Poe and says "I also have THIS guy." "THIS guy??" "Uh, yeah, I'll take THAT guy." *sigh*


Karenann Young said...

When I went to the Post Office on Wednesday, I tried to get the Poe stamps and he said the release date wasn't until Feb.!!! I think I'll order them on-line. You pay $1.00 for postage, but at least I get a good selection and what I want!!! Yeah for Poe!!!

As far as what you write in your journal, I'm still struggling with that and what my journal pages look like. Slowly I'm getting it. My visual journal is mine. I don't have to make it a masterpiece and I can say whatever I want in it!!! That being said, I do scan my pages at a low resolution so people can't read it easily, but that's OK. I'm thrilled with your class!!!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

LOL that is so funny . . . "we have THIS guy". Obviously the postal worker didn't have a clue *sigh*. I'll have to pick some up when I'm at the P.O. on Monday! How cool.

Renee said...

I agree with Tristan, star wars stamps sound cool.

Love Renee

~Barb~ said...

Great journal pages, as always...peaceful colors in your hands in prayer one, too. And Poe stamps??? Wow...need to get me some of those babies. lol
Peace & Love,

Maya said...

Kelly Kelly Kelly...people always tell me I'm a ball of creativity...NOTHING compare to you..You are 'producing' greatness every single day. I am amazed, inspired, and in awe of your work...I wish you continuity of all that in 2009...Orly

Nancy said...

I can so empathize with you at the post office! Ours had Albert Bierstadt stamps & when I requested them, the clerk gave me that puzzled look - as in "who the heck is that?". *lol*
Glad you're feeling a bit better!

oneartistjournal said...

Sorry Kelly, by accident I commented as Maya, my daughter, but it was from me, Orly

Stampmaiden said...

Glad you're feeling a little better, Kelly. Hey, maybe the guys over at Nova could create a color and call it Kelly Red. What do you think? LOL! Throughout the years I've always heard people compliment you on your great head of hair. Lucky girl. Blessed with a great color and fullness!

Artzy Diva said...

Poe stamps! I have to have them!!! I love Poe.

Love the journal pages. Yours are always so strong emotionally. I love that best about them.

michelle ward said...

THIS guy? *drops everything and runs to post office*
Thanks for the heads up :)

Romilly said...

Yay POE! Conundrum... if I go buy Poe stamps, am I going to be able to use all of them, combined with the leftover Nutcracker stamps?

Oh who am I kidding... I must have some!

(PS Found you via VoodooCafe who's sending everyone over here this week!)