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Friday, December 19, 2008

Two more journal pages from last night:Tristan got an early Christmas present (using money from his cousins Bev, Donna and a gift certificate from his Aunt, Uncle & cousins in NY). Needless to say, he is *very* happy. It took him 4 nights to build:
Yup, the boy loves his legos.
I had a *great* time teaching at Zinnia today! I picked up a couple of fun goodies. I *love* teaching there. It's always so invigorating and inspiring. They've got some holiday goodies on sale now, too, so stop by! I'll be teaching my Swatches book again there (Zinnia) next Saturday, Dec 27th (it's not on their schedule but it's on their blog and there are samples in the store!! Phone to sign up if you are interested!!)...The last class of the year is Sunday Dec 28th at Millie Papercrafts in L.A. (An Artist's Journal). It will be my first time teaching there and I am looking forward to it.


Sandy said...

Your pages look great. I'm so glad the class went well.

Tristan looks very very happy. :D Tell him he did a great job. Shelby loved his Legos too. He still has some of the ones he built in his room on his bookshelf and won't take them down. Now he loves girls more than Legos. Bring back the Legos. Please. They were easier to deal with. LOL

Thanks for the journaling prompt in your previous post. I meant to thank you for that and I think I forgot. I've been working on my Christmas Journal this month and we've had so much going on....I miss my regular journal.

Karenann Young said...

My son loved his Legos also!!! I don't think he ever made anything according to the instructions, but just made up his own stuff!!!

You've inspired me to start my own blog!!! Thanks!!!

Citygirl-Em said...

Your journal is lovely. What a great idea! I think I may do this...I love your mixed media art. This is something I'm just gettng into and I think I'm falling in love.


Anonymous said...

those pages are totally fab. definately your signature look, and one to be proud of, and worth continuing to build on, and refining---although, your work looks perfect to me as it is. happy holidays