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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do I look like I'm from Boston??

Cue Twilight Zone music. Enter Rod Serling.As I left to go get Tristan today, I had the strangest experience. I walked down my stairs, past my building. There was a woman walking towards me. She was walking with her head up. She went to walk passed me and stopped. "You're from Boston, right?" "Ummmmm, yes." (Kelly starts wildly looking around for hidden video cameras). I have NO idea who this woman is. She starts asking me all of these questions. "You're a writer?" (Um, yes and no.) "A musician?" (Um, at a time-yes and no...and no one would ever ever have seen my play anywhere as the only playing of the drums I did was in my bedroom or at DiCenso's drum shop in Quincy when I was taking my lessons.) She told me she had just moved here and that she lived around the corner. She moved here to do songwriting. I still have no idea who she is (she did tell me her name, Heidi). I was seriously waiting for Rod Serling to step around from the corner.

Speaking of strange occurrences, how weird is it that it snowed in Las Vegas (3.6") and that Malibu got a dusting of snow on Wednesday!?!?!?! Tristan was pissed when he found that out. He wants a snow day *really* bad. I had to remind him that you need snow in order to have a snow day.


Sandy said...

Wow that was strange. I would have asked her how she knew all these things about me. Maybe she googled you or something. Weird.

Tell Tristian we even had a Snow Day in Southern Louisiana. Now that is weird. But I really can't beleive it snowed in Las Vegas. And people don't believe in Global Warming. LOL I hope he gets his snow....one day.

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I wanted to hear more about the WOMAN! Can't wait for you to run into her again. Smooky, as my kids used to say... ~PJ

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

Great pages, Kelly. It appears that Heidi, in addition to being a songwriter, is a stand-up psychic. If she's not too needy, she might make a heck-on-an-interesting friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That happened to me too! The man asked if i was from Michocan, Mexico, i said no. He said i had a "look". i told my mom and she said, Your grandma was! i had no idea and that is how i found out about roots from over there, how weird!

aimee said...

i love your journal pages, kelly! and i know you have no idea who i am, either, but given the nature of your funny story i thought it was a good opportunity to jump in here and tell you how much i dig your colorful and expressive art. (i found you from ricë's blog.)

Sherry Goodloe said...

I love those kind of stories. I TOO hope you run into Heidi again!

Merry Christmas to you and your family Kelly. xoxo Sherry

Tara Ross Studios said...

...and tell him you have to make up snow days in the summer when everybody else is out of school. That's no fun! :)

lynne h said...

kelly, i LOVE these pages! and those pics of tristan above!

happy solstice to you!!