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Friday, November 21, 2008

Reclaimed: An Artist's Book more pages...

I started the bird page and the torn up paper page in Lynda's classes while I was waiting for class to start:
The next one isn't done yet...far from.
Last night, after class, I stopped at The Container Store. I wanted to pick up the shredding scissors for Christmas (me, Mom and my sister, Erin). I'm hoping to try mine tonight. I have desperately been needing something to shred papers and important documents instead of only ripping them to shreds and tossing in the trash. I hope this thing works! I also bought some of the waxed tissue paper (white with red dots) that they had last year. I am "borrowing" Jeane's Mom, Jane's idea of using the slack rack to hold rolls of decorative tape. They also had new rolls of decorative tape. It's expensive so I only bought one roll ($8 a roll). They did have it in green, chocolate brown, black and red. Here's the thing-the tape looks like the design is white but it's clear. You lay it down on your paper and it's totally see through, so you see whatever you are sticking it to.
I also bought Tristan some new storage bins for his room. It's a mess and I have been going through it (along with him) off and on, trying to get it straightened up. He built one himself last night and started to fill it with his legos. So far, it's not even 1/4 full yet and this boy has a LOT of legos.
Cousin Charlie is in recovery. He had the same surgery that my Dad had years ago. *Thank you* for your thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!


The remains of Copernicus found. How friggin' amazing is that?!?!?!


Hey, whoever keeps outbidding me on old WRITTEN-in ledgers on ebay, STOP, will ya!??! please. DAMNIT. I was bidding on one tonight for TWO hand-written journals. Can I just get *one*? Please. ;)


No news from the landlord yet (re: yesterday's post). David phoned the number on the paper and it's our building manager's phone number. *sigh*

Can't remember if I've told you about my "new" favorite magazine: Mary Jane's Farm. I've bought it off and on over the last couple of years..I loved it especially when it was ad-free(!!!!)...but I still love it now. Inspiring. Well written. Damn good recipes. GREAT images, too. I love the mag and there's a blurb about MJ in the new Where Women Create publication. Woo hoo! I want a tub like that!


I put up some info on my class THIS Sunday at The Art Bar.


Suzan Buckner said...


Lots of inexpensive ledgers here.

Kelly Kilmer said...

;) Thanks. The ones I've been bidding on start cheap. I've been waiting til the last minute or so and then someone swoops in ;P


Sherry Goodloe said...

ooooooooh ahhhhh, love that tape. gotta get me some of that!

i'm keeping cousin charlie in my prayers during his recovery.

i haven't been having good luck with several bids on ebay lately EITHER ()_@L#(@. if i could stay home a couple of days, maybe i could win sometimes!

Jeane Frizzell said...

Must go to the container store! I need tape! Haha!

&rew said...

I had the same problems with being outbidden too many times on eBay, and I no longer bid. It becomes a game for others - some people care more about winning the "game" than the actual thing itself!

Maggie said...

kelly: Not sure exactly what you are looking for but I have a ledger from the 50's (it may be older but the dates in it are from the 50's) that is about steno notebook size and worn red leather with architectural/construction notes,etc. written in it in pencil , if that is similar to what you want, let me know, i will send it to you!

Joyce said...

OMG! I Love The Container store. It's an obsessive compulsive's DisneyWorld!!! If it was closer to my house I would work just for containers! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.