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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Reclaimed: An Artist's Book and a sneak peek at Lynda Barry's workshop in L.A.

Here's another page from my journal...
Who wouldn't love a workshop that greets you with this:and this:I'll post some more pictures tomorrow. So far everything's going good. I'll tell you more tomorrow. I'm pooped now. I had a very hard time concentrating though after 2 p.m..

The goddamn building manager stuck a notice on the door from the goddamn management company (not even the landlord, mind you, but someone the landlord company has hired to "manage" our property and others). Now ever since our building was bought by this certain company a few years ago (mind you, the city of West Hollywood loaned that same company over a million dollars to buy this building and the one next to ours), our building has been declared low income *and* supposedly the city signed an agreement that we don't fall under rent control anymore (but they can "shame" them into it I was told by someone at rent control in City Hall.) The city of West Hollywood with buildings built before 1979 and residents who moved in before 1996 (when the city changed the damn laws) are covered under rent control. Unless you're now owned by the same company who owns our building. What a bunch of b.s.

Long story short, we have been here since April 1996. We're under the original lease. The note that was stuck on our door was given to everyone in the building. They didn't even bother to check who is a new tenant (signed a lease with the new management) and who is a prior tenant (us and 3 other renters in this complex). They want every occupant of this building over age 18 to appear BEFORE 11/27 at their management offices. If we don't appear the letter says they can evict us. WTF? (See why I couldn't concentrate). We don't have a lease with this new company (and I don't want one). I've never read such a threatening letter in my life. They want people who are low income to take time off from work and go to their offices, stand before them so they can question them as to their income, see what kind of clothes they are wearing, check out the car they are driving, etc... Every year they send us a letter asking our income. I refuse to fill it out.

The letter ends with: "If you have not responded to this office by 5:00 p.m. on 11-25/08, Per your lease, we have the right to terminate your tenancy due to Non-Compliance.

Thank you for your cooperation."

We don't have a lease with them, but even if we did, how dare they!!!

See why I'm angry?? Bullshit is more the word.


Please do me a favor, our cousin Charlie is going in for major heart surgery tomorrow (Thurs) morning at 6 a.m. Boston time. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please. He's a great guy and we're all worried about him. Nobody else at family parties will make you laugh harder (well, maybe George, and you really have to watch out when they're both together. You better have your Depends on.)

Thanks. :)


Sherry Goodloe said...

I'll keep Charlie in my prayers today Kelly. And I'll keep your management company in my prayers as well. Because I pity the person that will be sitting behind that desk when you "appear" at the management office for the fashion show and IRS meeting! Nice . . . real nice.

Sandy said...

Love your journal page, love the class greeting, how cool is that?

And the letter? They can't do that? That's not even legal. It shows you how cooperate American thinks we're stupid. I wouldn't have responded to the income questionare either. It's not their business at all.

I'll keep Charlie in my prayers. It's 11 am my time so he's in surgery now. I've said a prayer for him. Please keep us updated as to how he's doing. I know how serious heart surgeries are and the recovery is often hard and a long process.

crimsoncat05 said...

looks like that class is just as much fun as you thought it would be!! and I'm sorry you're having problems with the apartment management company... can they actually (legally) DO that to you?!? I hope not!!

crimsoncat05 said...

... and, I am thinking good healing thoughts for your Cousin Charlie- we need as many of that kind of people (those people who are so funny you need Depends, that is!) in this world nowadays as we can get.

Judy Wise said...

Oh, crap, what a revolin' development. I'm so sorry. Like you need a problem or two. Thinking of you, loving all your wonderful family and hoping it all works out. ((sister-hug)) xo

Laurel said...

WTF! I had similar things going on in my old apartment building in Hollywood. We had had the most wonderful older couple managing it for many years, and when the man passed away, the grinch owner hired a management company and things went downhill from there. They ended up threatening to break the widow's kneecaps when she didn't want to move. I'm not kidding. Then they started eviction proceedings against me simply because I had been there so long. And even though I took them to court and won, they ended up getting what they wanted because I did move out. But also good for me because the building I moved into is so much better, larger, and still rent-controlled, AND has actual compassionate human beings who own and manage it.
Good luck with the b@st@rds - I feel for you!

Namowal said...

It's me, the girl in the green shirt who chatted you in the parking garage after Lynda's wonderful class (and asked if you had a blog and had mentioned meeting Lynda at Comiccon). I'm looking forward to more pics in upcoming posts.